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Tuesday, April 29

Made me have no space at all!!!!

Just take a look. My left thigh is on the right side and it gave so much evidence that I literally have no much space! The guy's right thigh is on the left side and he is bloody nearest to the window. Does he really need just a big area? Bloody hell, I tried my best to make him irritated and he can simply just ignore... Winner of all... I hate such bugger who treat that he bloody own the 2 bus seat for a price of one! Damn it!

Just look... happily sleeping all the way... while I am been cramped by the passenger standing on my right side! I am just been frank.. if I were to open my leg even bigger, my knee cap gonna kiss the passenger dick! Yucks! As I am quite big size now, generally my leg opening is quite big....

Now, it made me wanted to train up and lose some weight! Ok, I kid you not! I started my pull up and crunches yesterday night and it must become routine for every night! Since the weather is god damn hot, I better and bloody make full use of it and treat it as if I am having suana session! :p

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