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Thursday, April 24

Made a boo boo of myself & long night travelling

I had made a boo boo of myself in sgsoundsystem forum. I thought all while long I am holding on to the Pioneer head unit of DEH8650 and after browsing through the web photo, I realised that the one in my car was not! I called my wife to check for me since she is at home yesterday.

She did confirmed that our head unit is definitely DEH-P6850! What a boo boo I told the forumers that I am sellling DEH-P8650 earlier on.

This is DEH-P6850

This is DEH-P8650

Look like I gotta stick to 6850 instead. I shall not change the head unit for the time being. I might not have enough to get the speakers even I did manage to sell these 2 head unit. I guessed that speakers are important to me now. I am thinking of getting the iPod or USB adapter to my head unit. Wondering what's the cost of it.

My 'best pal' just told me that the location might be confirm. Apparently, another more khakis around us might not be able to know the news yet. This is due to the top level had not sign the paper. Wondering why they being so secretive about. Maybe they scared that everyone will be making noise.

CTE is near by, so I might as well drive to work at times (depending on the car park there)

Gwendoline kinda confirmed me as her photographer on 1st June. Congrats to her and at the mean time, I am still waiting for her final confirmation. The day before, I had a dinner to attend. Look like that the night is short for me. Plenty of rest is needed.

The medium from 'Tian Jun Fu' actually wanted me to take photo of their event on 7th Jun. I am unable to make it due to RT. The timing is from 5pm - 3am. She approached another photographer that charges them only $400. Sound ok to me. A pity that I cannot join in and view the entire walk through. That day is the day that Dua Ah Pek enter the New Temple that been built recently. Gonna be a BIG event at Punggol.


Tonight, I still got pass the cable to Daniel (Pasir Ris), go to Punggol (Temple) and collect the walking stick, fetch my wife from Marine Parade and back to Tiong Bahru to pass the stick to my ah mah. Gonna be a long night travel for me.

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