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Sunday, April 20

I swear that the next time I'm going to wash my car, my portable radio must be with me. I am not going to turn on the radio ever again while washing. For the past 2 hrs while washing and detailing the car, the battery went FLAT!

What more can I say? Luckily my neighbour just got back home and my dad with me went to seek help from them. It's thankful that they are very nice and best part, they had 2 vehicle. The uncle work as maxi cab driver and they had a MPV Hyundai Trajet for their own comfort. What more can I say? It was another lucky that they had the red and black jack (I do not know whats the proper name for that) in their MPV so the auntie went and get the MPV to help us jump start the car. The nice uncle also taught us how to check if the car battery is flat or not. Just by pressing the horn, the answer is reveal. All he said was, blow the car non stop and drive around, the car battery by then is sufficient! He tested the horn again, Loud and Clear! Woo!!! Revive! This taught me to buy a torch (Can I have surefire torch?) and that jack!

I should have taken the pic of my car but I am way too lazy. I guessed that I should taken it, since Gerald had so many photos showing in his blog. That show how wonderful a blog is with photos than all wordings.

I should charge up the battery for my camera and take a few shot of my grand ma, because my mom is cooking her curry chicken! Haha.. Buffet session at AMK Hospital.

I wanted to change my default head unit of Kenwood to Pioneer..... just costing $30 to change it since I had the set. I really wanted to change the speakers but Xplod will cost me $280 and behind 2 x speaker will be $120. :( I shall not get any amp if my HU is more than enough to power up 4 x speakers and 2 x tweeter. I do not know how they do but they sure have ways. Save up!

It seem like my car dealer shop did not do any touch up of car for us. There are some dent and scratches which we told them before, but it was still the same thou. Make me wonder why. Since it was purely 2nd hand car, I chose not to bother so much. All I can think of is my arm rest and better sound system than the current one. LOL.

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