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Tuesday, April 1

I never knew Creative can do such a thing


Even so, Daniel K had did the firmware and been accused for stealing their rights, in the sense that Creative should at least continue to do support for the new vista. How can you ask the consumer to get new gadget when you focus on Vista. How about old time customer that is still holding on that read from XP? Isn't that fair?

Consumer is important, you cannot afford to jeopardise such situation. This is seriously wrong.

Luckily I am using iPod. :p


I hate to say this... but yesterday after been transferred around, talk to 3 CSO of the same problem about credit me back the amount, the last CSO who talk to me calmly had submitted urgent email to Com Center and get the guy, called Nathan, to get me back. Theoretically, as told by the CSO, he is suppose to submit the form to do the credit amount back to me. But in the data base, there's no submission been done. Then, why the hell the previous CSO had told me last month that "you gotta pay first then next mth they will credit back to me" Am I fucking been charge $150 for nothing? If by today or tomorrow, I receive no call from Com Center, I will call up to Singtel Billing Department again! If this is not DONE, I will write in to newspaper about poor services given by Singtel! I am totally upset and unhappy that the first CSO from Com Center did such a big mistake that made me had to pay for this $150 termination charges! This is so god damn it!

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