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Tuesday, April 8

I merely went up to my dad and wanted to check if he is eating cereal, and before I can speak up, I got shouted for nothing! I'm like... what the.... I literally do not want to say anymore and walked off. Here I am trying to show some concern, I got said like I know what happened. It must be my mom who said him for eating cereal only and never take dinner, he been frustrated and gave me such a strong sentences:"Don't you say anything! I just said to someone earlier on. I already had my dinner!" Speechless and I walked off without even wanted to stay any 0.2sec.

I wanted to blog more and because this incident, it totally wipe off what I wanted to say.

It is just a sucky week to start off with when my director told me to rush out 2 programs by end of day. I am glad that I left just one freaking program which need more information over the net. Thanks to Keith who really helped me out with the other stuff... End up, I do not care much, I had more of dance music in the 2hr program. Yes, 75% made up of Electro House. I shall render up at mp3 and hook up on my blog for anyone pleasure listening.

My wife and me decided on Pearl White Latio. Currently we are waiting for car loan to be approve so that we can go ahead and get our car this coming Friday. We spent 3 days looking at Latio only. Only AML had the most Latio, so that actually gave us a big relieve since there are no much of Latio at Kaki Bukit, Commonwealth, West Coast etc... Anticipating.... I had no idea but kept wondering why am I thinking of the past like during army time and early school time. Maybe the radio mono sound made it up. It's how amazing that it made me miss the old time... Plus when I can 'smell' rain, that's it.. more missing. Haha.. A bit sad that I do not have a proper radio in my room. I meant at least a small good HiFi. Since we are getting car, better kick that idea off... Seem like a new life to me... a car!

Speechless.... so.. just end the freaking blog!

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