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Wednesday, April 23

I just simply love blogging

It is great to see that ScribeFire had been changing the layout for blogging user friendly.


The reason I like to use this is because that no one actually know that I am blogging during office hour. Rather than opening up the usual Blogger page, I will rather have this small window on Firefox.

I know that my English is not as good so please bear with me. I am trying hard to improve it. I am not like Mr Brown or Miyaki. But seriously enough, I love the simple blog layout of their's. Can anyone help me with it?

Talk about my good army mate, JJ. Met him up yesterday night for dinner/supper. He is now working happily in his current company and seem like he is very contented. The brat thing is that his company will be moving to Jurong East around August, which is even near! From CCK to JE is not that far! Plus, he is also looking into for car too. It is weird that everyone is getting car. But of course, this is up to individual liking.

JJ is choosing either Suzuki Swift or Honda Civic. And of course me been practical will opt for Civic due to spacious. He also seen the car of mine and admit that it is very spacious. Good sign. Jackson is looking for Toyota Vios. Despite having a van already, I guess that car is for leisure usage. Good luck for both of them.

Gotta meet David later on to pass him the DVD. Finally my job pay is coming. Now, where is the other job?

Kelvin is sick, that due to his tattooing on his back. Having that caused him to have his nerve twisted on his neck and now he is down with fever again. I pray that he will recover in no time.

Look like tattooing is dangerous, or rather should I say that the tattoo artist might have put too much pressure? Anyway, hope he get back real soon because we got serious job to do. I started to worry about him and affect some other stuff. Of course, health come first. Hope that the agency side can understand the situation. Finger cross.

Oh yah. The rumour of 5D MKII look promising but too bad I am not going to get that.

My ah ma will be discharging tomorrow. Congrats to her and I shall remain in silent because I do not want to say anything bad. I did mentioned to my close one but I do not think it is proper to jot down in my blog. I hope that the 'feeling' don't come so early. But somehow or rather, it is getting strong.

Initially I wanted to fetch my grand ma, but now I felt that having the ambulance to fetch her is proper. She will feel comfortable having taking the ambulance than my car. I shall visit her real soon. Wanted to take some photos of her. Memory is the word.

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