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Friday, April 4

I am in charge of Eurobound program for SA which is given by my boss. All I thought was... freak... All euro music shit? Man.. I wasn't into Euro and I going to die if I were to do it... Hence my boss gave me some of the listing that was previously done by the producer from UK. To my surprise, it was not the usual Euro trash, it was mainly electronic related and best of all... my favourite: House! Haha... I was like.. phew... I had no much problem that thou.. just a bit more of homework to be done. Challenging for me tho. Great!

One of the music I love it from the list:

Little Bit by Lykke Li

Great music

Love the video as well.

Earlier on, with my boss we went to Singapore Flyer to check out the system there. We know what to do for the next selection and of course we gotten free ride for the SF. Terrific! Too bad, due to too many construction around Singapore, nothing much... I will think night time will be great. Yes, that include the F1 and IR up too. It's gonna hell worth it to see such a scenery. For those who wanted to watch F1, get on your ass to Singapore Flyer. You save more than at Grandstand, plus you can see where the F1 car race to... hahaha.. idea?

My grandma is now at Ang Mo Kio home as she had been transferred from SGH. She will be well taken care from the nurse there, and hope she be fine too.

By now... at this time, we are already at HongKong eating and on our way up to The Peak. But it was okie since trip can be arrange next time. We will aim Taipei and Hongkong for the next trip. Tomorrow: See car!! Yeah.. Anxious.. hehehe...

As for now... back to my work... I am way too busy this month... but I got confident to finish everything real soon!

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