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Sunday, April 13

Finally I added 5 photos which I had shot before in my blog header. Seriously I had no idea how to make the entire blog in the middle of the screen. I will be glad if someone will be able to guide me for it.

I gotta thanks ! Because there are way too many designer in there designing their blog. I had to agree that they had very nice stuff in there. But sad to say that none of it are what I actually wanted. Hence I did for myself. Yes, I took the previous blogger layout and the background which I found yesterday, link them up and do some simple modification. I know nuts about designing and web. These are merely trial and error. I would like take the Blogger default template and do it but it seem like by adding more, it made it much complicated. So in the end, I stay for what I prefer to.

As you can notice, that I had made the blog reading shorter. I had it to 10 posts only. No point having such a long blog when things had already passed. LOL

Anyway, tomorrow I be collecting my car. It should be by yesterday but due to paint not done up, there's delay again. It is good that they can deliver the car to us within a week. But as both my wife and me were too anxious about it, disappointment were shown on our face since Friday. Hoping tomorrow... please.. best part, my car dealer made a mistake. From 7 years of installment, we had no idea why he wrote 7.5 years instead. But to me, it doesn't matter so much since I be sourcing for a new car in 2 years time. I still got to pay up the loss in order to get my COE price pour on the next car. 7 years of installment will give me 3 years of driving and 7.5 years will give me 4years. So, in a way, I still had to cough up more money next time. Hoping thing goes well enough when we are looking at new cars. LOL

I had urged my wife to look for a better job since I been seeing her getting more and more upset working in her current workplace. I feel like confronting her coll about this matter but I chose not to, just let leave it neutral. It is not that I want do not want to help my wife, but I really see no point at all. When the situation comes in a way that you can no longer work furthermore, whats the point of confronting? I hoped that someone can speak up what is going on. There's no point keeping quiet when you know the hope situation. It may be good in way as when we knew the truth, more of disappointment will shown. So, best to know after my wife is in the new job. Leaving does not mean lose and if someone really think that way, this is far too childish. You leave because you do not want to face the pressure anymore, you felt unhappiness and the most important if looking for a better pay and future. Does that explain? I know the feeling of my wife but I do not know how to know my concern. I understand why everyone went in together and try to pull her in, but this will only bring sudden quiet killer. I hope that lady can really think over, is there a need to do that? Seem like in my situation after all. :p

Cheers and peace out.

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