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Saturday, April 12

Finally the hard week had ended and I must have a good rest! But a pity that our car cannot be collected due to many factors, so I be looking forward if the car dealer will call me up today or not. Finger cross tho.

Again, the bus no. 190 had the problem with the door yesterday. It was lucky since it started the problem at Bukit Panjang Plaza side and for me not to worry anything since I be alighting the next stop. It kinda jammed up the BPP area tho. But it is not as bad as at PS side. I am wondering why doors tend to break down and did the technician actually check it throughout? I hoped that this time they better buck up on that since this is not the first time.

Our poor client had went liquidated and they owned up to about SGD 1 billion. Due to budget air and long journey flight, it is quite hard for them to earn. Big ambitious? I do not know and had no comments about it. Just hoping that my company will not be far too affected.

My Kelvin, my poor bro been admitted to hospital and feeling god damn weak. I hope he recover soon. He also told me the feeling of "wanna die but can't" feeling. It was so terrible for him. Look like he really need strong tonic as he had been falling sick easily for this year. He really gotta take care man.

I went to Sim Lim Square on Thursday to get the new motherboard and was recommended to DFI. I quickly msn William about it and was again been confirmed that it is a good board. End up, I paid $199 without too much of hesitation. I also asked the guy at Videopro about Asus motherboard and surprisingly he is also one of the guy who hated Asus. LOL. Initially I wanted to get Intel but the shop only had other model, hence recommended me this Lan Party P35 and said that Intel is good but not reliable for long usage. Anyway, I am god damn happy with the purchase!

I hate doing the connection from the casing to the motherboard because of those LED block and having fat fingers, I had problem putting in. Yah, due to this matter, I am unable to start up my computer. I was like... what the hell mood. After clearing up some matters with William the next day, I was told to buy the grease to put below the heatsink (I didn't know about it), put paper on top and below of the motherboard for screwing onto the casing. This is to prevent electric shock to motherboard. And also, I didn't know I had plug the PWR SW block wrongly on the motherboard! After rectifying the situation, YES I made it. Of course there's some issue due to HDD but I managed to set it up. Just some HDD priority line up got to be done nicely before I can see my 2 other HDD in the bios system. Doing so, I finally see my WINDOW!!!! I was so happy and let the motherboard recognise all the drives in it. I had to force reboot it since my USB/ wireless mouse is not working at all. I force reboot 3 times.

Luckily there's no issue at all because the motherboard will kept on finding new hardware. While everything had been found and set up automatically, there's only sound and video card had to uninstall first before I can continue the installation. So far so good.... finally everything is UP! Did my calibration all over again! Terrific!

Hurray and long live to DFI motherboard that save my life! (Ok, I can't really live without computer.... Hate that feeling.. next time I better buy a laptop for standby. At least there's 2 computer accessing.)

Yah... gotta send the Asus motherboard for one to one exchange before I can sell it off.. Damn it.

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William Chia Wai Yee said...

Bro, told you in the beginning liao.... die die must avoid ASUS. Before the millennium, they were great motherboard producer, but after that it has been going downhill with tonnes and tonnes of RMA.

So two words for you - FUCK ASUS!!!


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