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Sunday, April 20

Congrats to my ex coll, Tung Yuen, as she just gave birth to a cutey baby girl! She is currently located at Scotland because of her husband had been posted there to work. I had not keep in touch with her thou and thinking that I should do it soon.

Wanted to pass David the DVD rom, but I guessed he is way to busy with the shoot today. Plus, the couple had not get back from JB yet. So they are not in the hurry. LOL

A pity that my old mate of mine did not take up my photographing services, feel sad but it's alright. Since her in-laws wanted to get from in house photographer, then just let them be. No choice I hard sell also. The only thing that I warned her is about the skill, the capturing and able to deliver. I always empathise on the old incident that the couple were unable to get back their photos. Its not about the money, it's about the memory. Anyway, my congrats to Gwendoline and her hubby.

I had finally set up the new gallery at my website. It is much simple and straightforward. I shall ask Kelvin to do up a intro page for me. This will be my 2nd sideline along with another photographing job. Taking up wedding assignment is just my hobby. But the main stream, I will stick on until the day I resign from my company. Really hope to get the photographing job done up! Oh yah. I spent 30min over on this gallery as I taken from Paul van Roekel site. It was so simple and straightforward. I can be so foolish at first until I read on. Yah... I need to have Picasa before I can continue doing the gallery. As easy as ABC! Wonderful!

Early today, I went to fix up my car audio HU (Head Unit). The shop just located opposite of Ten Mile Junction and the fee was only $30. But due to the default HU is twin pack, I had to buy the container as the HU I had is single rack mount. Bloody hell, the container cost me another $30. Total of $60. I had no choice since I had drove it there and I just let them do it. Plus, the Kenwood HU is connected to the CD rack in the boot, it will be no use of it after I had change. The reason given by the guy was different brand cannot fix up together. The boss also asked me if I wanted to take it out. Initially he told me that there's no need to since it is just hanging there. Just like a white elephant, lol. But I insisted to take it off. The boss again told me, there's extra charges if I wanted to. Been nice of him charged me additional $10 only. Because of taking the seat out just to take the cable. So a total of $70 spent.

Both the technician and the cashier guy told me to get JBL speaker as it is even better than Sony Xplod. But the JBL I was told from the technician was $300++ but when I clarify again while paying the money, the guy at the cashier shown me the poster stating that 2 x component, 2 x speaker and a amp is $859 (If I didn't remember wrongly). It is a good deal! But if I opt for no amp, minus $400 and that will give me around $460 for the whole set of speaker. Working hard to get the set! Heh!

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