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Friday, April 18

Big damage today... I entered 2 ERP along CTE when I am on my way to AMK Hospital during the evening time. This will be the first and last time I be heading this CTE at the peak hour! The ERP was barely 1km away tho... I am so pissed but no choice since I had gone the wrong direction as told by my PDA GPS navigation.

Had been using the PDA GPS of mine, loving it a lot. Not that only, the carpark damage was $10 odd for pass 3 hrs! This is due to my lovely PC who finally give in! The technician been figuring out what's going on until the most uncommon thing happen.... My fucking ram. Initially the guy told me not to get this board since I am not going to do overclocking, a simple motherboard like Gigabyte and MSI is more than enough. I hate to say this, most of the people did condemn Asus. This made me wonder why JJ recommended Asus to me. The guy from PC clinic at SLS told me that it might be my Hi End graphic card drawing too much power hence it is taking more than what it was given by Antec. His theory was that Antec power gave 3 parts of 12v and who knows that maybe this graphic card is drawing 13v? He also went to other shop to get another PSU (rental) to test out if his theory is right or not. The PSU isn't cheap and I am already sweating if that's the main cause of everything.

Who knows? It just do not work at all even with that PSU? This PSU gave the true 12v (do not know the Ampere), so the voltage were shared within each other. Multiple tries for over an hour.... The cause for not making the system to turn up is RAM.

So as told by the shop, I went to cybermind and hoping that I can get it exchange. Sad to say that due to 3mths period is way too long, the only way they can do is to RMA that two Ram. So I got no choice but to get the new pair of Ram. I told the guy at cybermind that only one of the Ram is faulty but he said that just send 2 of it. I agreed to it, who knows later that Ram fucked me up again. $71 Damage.

Went back to shop, fixed up and working now! $30 damage.

Total: $114 spent today. Sigh...

We even bought a number of car washing lotion.... haha.. Gonna make it pretty bright!

I had been sick for 4 days due to high fever... I could have took this time to rest well, but had to fetch my mom and visit my grand ma. She can only be discharge when the primary care taker learn how to bath and carry my ah ma. Hope they can do so my grand ma can rest at home.

Hope I did not brought Keith a lot of stress as I did not turn up for work for almost a week. :P So pai seh about it man. Anyway, congrats to him getting HD / Starhub Cable! Hahaha.. Oh yea.. I myself also gotten HD Setup box too! Only $48.15 now. I rather pay for this $48.15 then paying $12 monthly for extra set up box! For a period of 4 months, I could have gotten this HD! Just sad to say that I cannot buy the HDMI cable yet. It is way too costly and I shall wait till I had enough first.

Oh yah.. I had to say that due to my computer situation, it made me wonder that could it be my Ram problem and not the motherboard issue? Anyway, I still find my old board unstable. I went to Avertek and the guy was so nice because he spent less than 10min to check the board, exchange a new board for me without any question ask. So... does that means anything? Anyway, since I gotten this new board already, I shall post it in VR and Hardware Zone for sale. Hoping to get back $200 as this board is going $319 outside!

Glad that everything is fine.... what a week....

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