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Tuesday, April 22


As said, this is my Tan Chong key pouch.

In it, there's a lovely key remote. In fact a sensor tho. I need not to take out my key when I open the car door. Just a simple click on car door, it will sense my remote and disarm it. Incredible huh? Plus, the key will forever be in my pocket. I just need to be near the car when I start the engine.


That's how the key look like. Heh..

Oh yah.. this morning I woke up with pain on my toe (again). Swollen and for what shit it became swollen, I had no idea. All I know was it recovered and now again... My nerve was freaking in pain!!!

Look at my left toe!!! What the hell...


Pain is the word.

Scott, been a good friend of Daniel willingly to pass me his FH-P5000MP at the very reasonable price. This is the 2 Din set

Nice? He is willing to pass me this head unit and even told me to sell my stock Kenwood and Pioneer head unit first, then by using the money and buy the speaker first. The payment for this baby can be done later on since we are in good term. Plus, trust.

The speaker he recommended was Morel and Alpine.

I shall go and find out when I am ready for set up! Heh!!! Gotta sell the 2 x HU first. Hoping to get it done soon. But I had to be careful of spending. Cannot allow myself to over spend. Hoping for more lucks on outside job!

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