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Tuesday, March 25

Yesterday night around 10pm when I was surfing net, both my wife and me heard some commotion from multistorey carpark. Thinking must be some people playing a fool or what, I chose not to bother until the noise was getting louder by each min.

I went to my parents' bedroom and view the situation directly opposite us. The guys were at the same level as us so the image can be quite clear, but sad to say that there's a tree in front of me blocking! Quickly I took out my camera and snap it when my wife told me to do so. (I should have had taken the video down instead!) Image is a bit dark, so do not comment on the photo but the situation.

There are 3 guys at lvl 4 of the MSCP. 1 is trying to stop the guy from shouting and moving non stop while one of the guy attempt to run and step on the railing wall which it can be easily seen that he want to jump down! As from what I saw from this situation, the guy might not be able to jump off because his right leg may had stepped on the low wall, but the strength do not allowed him to give in more power to move forward. Luckily at the midst time, one of the guy grabbed the one who wanted to jump. More and more residents as well as drivers who just parked their car in the MSCP went up to check out the situation. As the guys kept struggling, I can see that some tried to hold them down. Luckily one of the policeman reached to the lvl 4 in time to stop the commotion. A total of 4 police cars came (2 Salon and 2 pick up type) and an ambulance came.

One of the guy who wanted to attempted suicide were handcuffed and brought down to the ground floor and escort him to the police car. He also shouted:" Why scold me?!"

While the one of the police salon car went up to lvl 4 and held him down. The guy who was not in good condition kept struggling until he gave up and placed him in the police car. Quickly, the police car drove off and sent to Police Station.

2 Malay guys were arrested in the end. I heard their conversation were in Malay when they were shouting. I had no idea what's going on, even my dad had no idea at all as they were not talking properly and crying so sadly as if something had really happened.

Location: Blk 154 A, Jalan Teck Whye MSCP.





The guy been captured (attempted to jump down. Sorry, they were blocked by the trees.)




Police quickly sent off the guy as he was not in good condition.

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