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Monday, March 17

Wii is so fun with Big Brain Academy! Really had fun with my wife , Sis and bro - in -law! Cool.. Haha.. Ok, Cooking mama is hilarious man! Hahaha I am so happy that all the games I gotten enable me to play on my Wii now! Wooo!! This is way too good to be true thou! Happy man!!!

COH- OF is so I feel so addicted to gaming man.. it literally made me to think hard on how to win the game! This is not a bad thing for gaming because you had to think of ways in order to win it!

Yesterday, all of us went up to cemetery to pay respect to my grandpa. Gosh.. the security there was tight too because 40SAR had been deployed there to do checking on vehicles. It is fine for daylight but not NIGHT for them! Anyway, in between the Chinese and Muslim Cemetery, there are massive building of domintory for foreign workers! Wa... I can't imagine they really gonna stay near there.. To most of them, they rather have place to stay than to think of others. Guts is the word!


Offering to my Ah Gong...




Close up look of Grave Offering.

Incredible that we had tent over the Grave! Haha


Look at the amount of Cash! There's Car too! haha.. Hope my ah gong like in 'downstair'


Burning of Hell notes to my Ah Gong to spend.


Just received MSN from my sister that my Ah Ma just fallen down this morning.According to her, it is from the bed, thus old people cannot fall down because they will 'migrate' and told by mom, please be prepared. I hoped my Ah Ma is fine! I really hope so

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