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Monday, March 31

This is so irritating! I was told by the CSO previously that I need not to pay any single cents this month because of the over charging! But yet I got charged for nothing this month! I was so god damn pissed off when I saw the bill on Saturday. By the time I wanted to call and ask about the bills, they had already knocked off so I had to call today. After so much talking and making the CSO understand, I am been referred to MIO department! I hate it when there's sub-services! Either they ask you to wait for other department to call you OR you had to call to their line and make more noise.

I am so unhappy about paying the bills now because the Singtel Bills had been charged by my ST-UOB CC. Means I had to pay off no matter what. What the freak hell! I do not see the reason why they had to refer me to MIO department when I am not holding any MIO currently. It is purely just my internet and phone billing. What is there to be so confusing? Why can't another top authority just settle it once and for all? Best part, I thought there's a memo submitted from Com Center to Singtel billing department? What is all these? I should have had taken down the name of the CSO so I can always refer back to the same CSO! Argh!! Piss... wait wait wait... I hate waiting!!!!! To think I had to pay this STUPID $200 FOR NUTS!

POOR SERVICES! Can't they just open their eyes properly? Or write down in memo that customer over paid for current month. Amount to be credit off from subsequent month until the amount been paid!

Ah... My dad almost fallen down from the bike yesterday. He was sending my mom to work when he came to stop due to some jams. So while he stopped, he put his leg down on the road but in the wrong place. There's a hole (along the kerb, there's some holes for water to flow into the drain)! Immediately due to this situation, the entire bike almost fall down! Luckily there's railing along the way thus they did not fall down on the ground! It might break their legs! Sigh... look like my mom is getting heavier and my dad is getting weaker... be it his eyes or strength... people grow old and I had to take good care of them. I had to earn more money for this family.

Car is a must to come in despite of our house reno not been again to do. All had to depend on lucks e.g jobs and toto

Saturday morning I had the chance to shoot for David's good pal. David gotten damn nervous when he attempt to call me up to 7 times!!!! Haha.. Ok. I was with my earphone and phone in my camera bag so I can't hear a shit. Luckily when I took my phone out to check the time, then I realised he been calling me!

Generally everything went on smoothly and I managed to capture what I want. But sad to say that maybe due to I had not been photographing for a period of time, I seem to lack on some skills. The camera setting of mine kept going a bit wrong. Luckily I managed to capture of what happen. It may not be as good but it does look decently. Overall, I took around 170 shots. The couple were nice and they had their ROM at Ritz Carlton. I can tell you that it is WOW factor. The hotel room is alright but the perfume and everything were all from Bvlgari! My god....

Anyway, been as a photographer, it is better to have EXTRA battery for your camera body! I thought the battery will last me well since the Canon's batt is trustworthy! But to my wrong estimation, something went wrong! My camera appear to have battery flat! I kept turning on and off for 3 times while the guests and couple still waiting for me at the round table shot ...... I am totally:"WTF/ WTH!" Immediately I took out the batteries, swoop place and it works! I was like... PHEW!

I cannot save the $35 (Camera Devices battery) and $135 (Original Canon battery) if I were to receive jobs. David told me that I am under his list of photographers and I am quite pleased to hear that. I really need to push myself forward to earn even more but most importantly, the couple must like what they seen! Hee... Wondering shall I do the montage for them. haha..

Using my Dell 24" doing the photos were hell a lot easy! Big and easy to see! Love it. Gotta meet David to pass the DVDr for them.

My wife's friend were quite please with the 2nd song (MIDI) I did for them but found it too soft and after hearing what they listened from, I said that you can't trust laptop speaker! LOL. Plus I can't do Eq for MIDI hence, if you find the sound is abit wrong, I can't help because I am using Studio Monitor Speaker. So in a way, the sound is much better than a laptop. As for 1st song I did for them, I had to redo because I do not find it nice personally. Hope I can finish by tonight since tomorrow is their deadline. Hope I am able to do what they want. *Finger Cross*

Luckily the sound frequency crash were save! Haywire idiotic! Hope they like it.

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