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Friday, March 14

Thanks to Peter who told me about Wii FreeLoader! For those holding to unmod system Wii, you can consider about this as it allows you to play other region of games! But this is unofficial at the mean time hence I had no idea when will it be! But this is good news for those who holding to original Wii and yet wanted to play JPN/ EUR games on your US set! Yes, this is mainly for US/ EUR set only, please choose correctly before you purchase! My pal had the backup copied and he tested out on JPN set and surprisingly it works perfectly for his spongebob game! Of course, backup copies needed Mod Wii to play backup games. If your not Mod, please kindly get the original.

If you want to know more about Wii hacking, maybe I shall suggest you to find out via goggle! That's your best friend ever! If not, I be glad to share some information with you via email. Of course, do not try to bastard me out!

I had to revamp and add in some things to my blog. I am SO god damn lazy doing it. Things like getting my video done up, blog revamp and testing of my strobe light. Hmm.. yes, that include my Wii gaming which I had been placing near my TV area so sometime. haha. What else?
I had not settle my computer.. my stupid ISO which giving me VCCD error. What the hell is that! haha William kept asking me to change my MOBO! Man.. that's going to cost money!! I do not think I be changing since I gotten this Asus Mobo not long ago. Only thing is to rectify. Well, unless I won Toto or what so ever, yes I will.

Hongkong is having Flu Saga!!! :p Anyway, hope everything will tone down when my family and me going there! Praying hard!

Yesterday my wife told me 2 horror incident about our new house. As my wife coll is staying there, they said that they heard key sound from downstair when the mother and daughter is in the bedroom. Thought that his son is back from buying food, she shouted for him but no answer. She only knew that her son was still in bus when she called him! Ok, this is simple. This is due to neighbour whom walked past and taking out their keys! Yes, while the place is big enough, there's bound to have some reverberation occurred when someone walked past and thought there's someone opening the door.

2nd incident will be the mother's son saw someone walked into the house in half naked! Of course with short thou. He saw it like in 2m apart or so! Given explanation will be, it could be our neighbour whom walked in his own house rather than us. Because of our house is located 2nd last from the corner unit, eyes might play some trick on him. And yes, in between our unit and corner unit, there's staircase as well. It might be the light shone which make the vision poor. Anyway, after staying there for 6mth, they had no problem since then. It's good to have more people in the house always. haha.. Anyway, before I started reno and decor, proper thing had to be done. Priest and Feng Shui master cost must be spend because we wanted good lucks and safe for house! Hehe...

Ok.. time to work... tiring! Can't wait to Wii tonight!

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