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Tuesday, March 4

Someone in MSN got virus and I wrote:"You got FUCKING virus!" I am referring to the MSN of his and not him. Been sensitive of him thought I am scolding him and stated that I can jolly well block him from MSN. (Yes, I will! You think I give a fuck on you?) Do not come and tell me to be nice when I typed FUCK word. Again, I do not give a shit. How many times you had sent me which pisses me off? If you got the virus, please go and rectify or apologize. If you want to get work up on these, so be it. I do not care.

And next, I finally wrote what I want to say! You as an agent who did not serve me well enough until the LAST Appointment. You may say that you need not to come, but you FUCKING tell me YOU cannot make it at the very last min when I call you. What is this? I still got to clear the shit out from the mess? Yes, I am stating forceful word:"Be a responsible Agent!" You better be and I telling you I am not pursuing this matter! I do not want and I need not to. It's my duty to LET YOU KNOW that you must be responsible on your work and do not tell others you bull cock story. I cannot accept people who bluff me, who hide thing and twisting the facts. You are not genuine and you ought to be glad that I did not tell the entire WORLD about you! You know who the hell you are and you do not read my blog. Even if you do, I need not to care. I do not wrote it in impulse. I feel that it's a must to say it out!

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