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Tuesday, March 4

Singtel Hello shop called me yesterday, telling me that I must return the 2Wire modem back to them. So that I will incur any termination fee. I told the guy I will return either Tuesday or Wednesday. I was told before that I can keep the 2Wire modem but strangely, I had no idea why they want it back. If that can waive off my termination fee, why not. Thus, I never asked so much yesterday.

The funniest thing that happened was my ultimate 'Po Chai' (Money flowing out non stop!) It had not been smooth to me since the Lunar first month. My money just kept going out non stop with so much of obstruction! Sigh. I was searching high and low for my modem and finally I gave up. I do not know where the hell the modem is! I remembered I placed on top of my old small 14" TV! One day my mom decided to take the TV to her room, she also cleared up my stuff and yah... since then, it went disappeared for nuts. I remembered I kept the entire micro filters (a lot of them) to some place! I just simply can't recall WHERE the hell I placed it at! I sensed that I had poor memory for keeping my things.... sigh.... But it seem like I had no idea where is my Modem, AC adapter and micro filters! Argh.... Without none of this, I think Singtel will not accept. Look like I cannot escape for this $150 termination fee... Gotta cut myself sia.

Tonight I shall find again, hoping there's luck fall on me.

Thanks to my sweet wife! She got me a nice wallet, Picard. It had very nice design and I love the lines on the surface. Well, I simply love smelling leather! haha.. Thanks dearie, love you so much.




Finally I had a new wallet... hee... My mom seen the wallet, open the wallet and found there's hole at the bottom which the design is meant for it so that the wallet length is longer. She said it's 'Po Cai'. I insisted of keeping it and refuse to let dearie go and change it. My mom insisted that new design wallet does not have that on the bottom. I shrug and say, nope. This one I do not believe because it's the design. :p haha.

Sigh... I wanna go home and play my Company of Heroes: Opposing Front. Fucking nice game leh!!!

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