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Thursday, March 20

Not smooth! First Grandma fallen, had fractured her spine. Today she be having Operation to adjust her spine. I was supposed to visit her this morning, end up due to jam and slow moving traffic, I gave up and report to work instead.

Just a while ago my mom smsed me saying that dad and her skidded along Bukit Timah Road. Luckily the traffic stopped due to red light and because my dad is cutting some cars along the road, end up lost balance and skidded. Dad was alright but not my mom as she is complaining that her arm is in pain. Must drag her to see doctor later on. I must thank the driver for not asking to compensate as part of the paint dropped. I suggest whole family to go pray again and visit Dua Ah Pek to bless us. I kept having bad feeling since this morning in bus because of rain. It was lucky that they were alright.

Now hoping my Grandma operation will success and recover in time.

Sense that this is not a good week. Since Monday when my Grandma fallen, all of us went to her house and send her to hospital (usually she hated that place most, but end up wanted to go because she is in DEEP pain). The waiting time at Singapore General Hospital was hilarious... From the time we reach 11pm, we end up wait and wait until 7am. Waiting for X-ray, waiting for doctor, waiting for admission to ward.... all the patience word: "Wait". By 7.15am, my Grandma was sent to ward and all of us leave the place as we need to work. Tuesday morning, by the time we were home, it's already 7.40am. We bathed, rest and off to work quickly... end up super 'high' feeling at work.. until yesterday I took leave to rest longer before heading to hospital again.

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