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Monday, March 24

My grandma will be having her Operation again this Friday.... I'm wondering if her health can take it but I dare not to say anything but hope and pray.

Apart from that, I wanted to say that I am so happy with the purchase of Dell 24"! It was so gorgeous and the calibration of color made it even far easier! Due to this is a high grade model, they will make this LCD very sensitive to the RGB. Thus, just within 20min or less, I got everything done up! But weird that I had set to 5500K but wondering why it turn out to be greenish more then yellow. Yellow is the correct color for 5500K. I had to ask in forum regarding to this question. I gonna take a photo of my Dell!!! Playing of Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts on this big screen made everything so cool! Hahaha... And yeah, I finally finished the entire campaign for German! This is the first time ever I finished a Campaign and of course, no cheats! hahaha.. Starting on British real soon!

Congrats to my bro in law! He gotten the PSP Slim and it look for nice! Hell yeah... I helped him to save $10-$20 for downgrading the firmware. Now, from 3.80 Original Firmware, his PSP is now official 3.90 m33-2 version! Heh! Going to get more games for him!

Yah, congrats to William because he just purchased the wonderful 40D after my reason why 40D and not 400D. This depend on user, if you thought of upgrading in future, please get the 40D to save cost. Unless you are a truly noob or do not have the cash then entry model will be great. It is more than enough for William to play around. I shall urge him to get 24-70mm L Lense! Haha.. :p Poison? No.. With that range of lens, more then enough! Bet he is a happy man with the cam now. We gonna have some outing together and shall see how it goes since my grand ma still in hospital tho. I planned to sell him my Manfrotto tripod with release. As I had my Giottos ball head, I always wanted a taller height for Gitzo tripod so why not make this as a chance to change it. Approval from wife is a must. Shall visit Cathay Photo later on. Planning for installment again.... but subject to budget as well.

Planning to buy car but a lot of things to look into. We must have strong financial in order to get it because of some small purchases. We looking into $0 drive away and most likely using the car when we need. Using it to go work is a real no no because of ERP and jam. I will rather take a bus and have the car in weekend and night NO, I will not get weekend car. What if I wanted to change to normal plate? More cost involved. Had to calculate with the agent when I visit the showroom, at least we will know how it goes for the pricing. Buy within our means... hoping everything will be fine and good luck for both my wife and me.

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