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Monday, March 3

I began to like Dyson product after my bro in law told me some of the stuff about it! The design is nice.. hee.. I wanted to get the handheld because it is way so portable. Better then the LG I got at home. I can only use it for entire house vacuuming. Other than that, the Dyson normal vacuum is awesome. The pipe, accessories were mounted on the machine itself. Way better than others! Because the LG I had does not include compartment for me to put the accessories. Plus, the pipe is break into 3 parts and I had to keep it properly by detach it into 3 pipes. Dyson is good for keeping whereby you can release the latch and keep the entire pipe as one just by pushing in! Great and portable.

Recently the entire family of us had great feast! we had great breakfast on Saturday at TungLok Central. Using our voucher to pay off the dim sum breakfast! We gotta order Ala Carte since there's no buffet. Great thing about there were, the food were so god damn fresh! I shall visit there again with my camera!

Next we intended to look for air tickets for BKK during March holiday. But sadly to say, air tickets way too expensive, no flight for us on Sunday. We given up since the amt of money we having entitle us to go to HK. We shall plan for HK trip during off peak period. Hopefully everyone can make it.

For BKK, we gotta postphone it. I must head back there because I got to return in favor to 4-Face Buddha. Hopefully there's time for me to go. Tentatively, Sept I be going with my wife as there's company trip to BKK. Hurray.

Luckily we didn't head up to NATAS as Kelvin told me there's a lot of package but none of it he actually like. And the Q were WAY TOO LONG! So we went up to Paya Lebar to 'Bu Yun'. (To let us have good luck for the start of the year). Meanwhile, we head off to furniture shop in search of dining table. Too bad, after few days of looking for it, we just either do not like it or does not match the house at all. Anyway, we went off to carry on for 'Bu Yun' since the number flashing on sign board is about 10 families ahead of us. After that, we went ahead for dinner at Muslim stall located at Bukit Timah Road. Hee.. Next, we head up to Bukit Batok to buy Mahjong table! (Basket, looking around Teck Whye area for it but they do not have! Sianz) We left with Mahjong set and chips! The Mahjong set we had were 30 years ago and it is way too small and too light! haha

This month is totally disaster to me. First, UOB and SCB never receive my cheque. Next Singtel charged me double mth billing (due to they never receive any bills last month) and $150 termination charges! I was so pissed and called up to MIO TV about it. They told me I had a 6mth contracts so by terminating in advance, I will get penalty charge! I next told them I wasn't aware there's contract! And let's put it aside, just let me know when is the contract ending? Guess what? I was told that end Mar, my contract ending! My god! I immediately mumble before saying:"Can you waive it off?!" The lady asked me a few question like, didn't the CSO there tell you about this? I said no! If I had knew, would I rtn? I would not be so insane to give $150 when the contract ending this month! Plus, the CSO say nothing and that's all? I didn't read thru the paper and head off happily! Luckily I still had the invoice whereby I can provide the CSO at call center the sale person code at Com Center. I am still waiting for MIO TV center to call me up. I shall wait till tomorrow before I call again and make noise regarding to this matter. $150! I will NOT freaking PAY!

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