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Thursday, March 13

HongKong massive flu out break! Now, I better get the travel insurance... or else.....
Pray that nothing will go wrong!

Gotta print the photos after I get back from HongKong first. I better stick a link of our wedding photos on the Favourite Link side!

Just gotten some weirdo Employee Handbook by Manager. Marriage Leave: 1 day. Compensation Leave: 5 Days. Basket, why show these when I just got married? It's ok to me since its Senior Management Team decided recently.

Gotta thanks Peter who helped me out on Wii games. Hacking this and that... haha.. I also gotten the one of the web to apply for server, and this allow me to get the stuff in fast speed! The stuff that I wanted to have is already in the server itself and by applying the server for a period of time (depend how long you want), you are entitled to get connection to the server and grab your stuff. Of course, having this is not enough. You had to get the program to download it so the program: Grabit, comes along. And it works similiar to Torrent. All you need to have is the file format: .nzb. After which, click on it and it load in to your program and grab it at the very high constant speed! Remarkable speed! Cool! Imagine of 4gb of files, I can get it within 4hrs or less! Seem like dedicate line! If you need to have the .nzb files, you either had to search for it OR you pay to get the files. There's thousand of stuff you can see in there. Having that, you can start getting things.

Oh yeah, thanks to a forum of Hacken, I managed to get my Cooking Mama (US) work on my JPN console! You gotta read and understand from this forum. Hell yeah, everything is in Traditional Chinese and I typed in Chinese in the forum for the first time! Amazing thou!

Love the Wii so much... Hm... Can I have my PSP Slim? NDS Lite? Xbox 360? PS 3? haha...

Had to call the shop to ask for certain for my coll and friend. Wondering the cost of PSP there. Hehe

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