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Friday, March 28

190 is driving me crazy recently. 2 days straight in a row, I been waiting for it at my house bus stop, there's no seat and the bus always appear to be single deck instead of bendy. Plus, the waiting time is getting longer and longer! How can such this happened recently? World Class?

Or rather all 190 went for servicing? My god... we incurred more cost for transportation and yet giving lousy buses, timing is getting from bad to worst! And not to mentioned to some idiotic who liked to talk so LOUD and playing their music/ PSP so loud in the bus. For goodness sake, do a good thing by plugging in a earphone while playing games. What can you hear in the bus with so much noise! And to those who like to play loud music; I know you freaking love music. I also love it. But please get those good earphone that stuffed into your ear and enjoy the great sounding then those low quality earphone! You are just trying to damage your ear drum! Do some good deeds!

I was supposed to meet client with Kelvin yesterday but due to some client been busy, it was cancelled (once again...) So I went off at 6.15pm. Yah.. I waited for 10min plus and the whole freaking 190 Bendy came but FULLY PACKED! More and more people at bus stop and still another 10min, bus came but most people got in and getting to be pack. I am not willing to go up since I felt that next bus will be coming and I assured myself that it's gonna be empty... To my greatest mistake, no! I waited for freaking 10min plus.... I told William on MSN that I totally gave up and head up for train instead. Yes... same journey time but at least there's no freaking jam and no fast and slow motion in the bus!

For no good reason why, I hurt my toe. It was so swollen that I kept thinking what went wrong tho.... The vein was so unbearable and it was no way I can endure it. Rubbing non stop and hoping it will be fine. Was it due to last Saturday running to SLS because thunder storm is coming? I had no idea... then I just realised I might had hurt my toe not long ago.... Dans.. I better see a doc because the bone seem not in good sign.

Few years ago at OBS Pulau Ubin, I remember I ran away from smoke because my pal tempting to start some fire at the beach, that's when I hit my toe to a stone! Left toe, top right corner was bleeding, since then my toe seem to be shorter by a bit... Till now.. was it the relapse? Idiotic...

Been looking at cars and both my wife gave up because we may not be able to afford for down payment. It was important because it will reduce your burden mthly and it will worth quite a lot when you planning to sell it off. If not, we might end up paying to top up for selling off! Of course, unless we are looking into 4-5 years with 2nd car. I rather have 2nd hand for 2years before planning to change it. Was looking at Chevrolet, they had nice cars, especially Optra Hatch Back and my favourite CAPTIVA! Next will be Kia Caren.. Of course, 2nd hand car might be Lancer, Vios, Optra, Aveo, Latio and some other more.

Hope we will have enough tho.. I rather have more loosen money then been so tight monthly.... Had to clear off most of my installment first. Luckily 2 of it are ending next mth. Stupid Singtel charged me $257 for cancellation of Mio box.. made me pay now and for about 4-5mths they will deduct from $257.. make sure they do that if not I will make more noise for it. And also, Citibank charged me for extra charges because I did not pay in full... stupid Credit Shield almost made me paid extra $200+! I did not overlook at all because Citibank been pressing me for money of 13K and that amt did not include Credit Shield at all.. and yet... argh... I called up for the 2nd time because they had not get back to me and thanks to the CSO willing to deduct for me.. Funniest that she asked me if I want the wavier! haha.. and yes, the following day, another CSO (Wavier Department) called me and confirmed the cancellation of extra charges...

What a day to be....

HongKong trip cancelled due to my grandma condition and we might not enjoy at all. Anyway, air tickets can buy anytime.

ICT cancelled due to some cock up shit (for sure) That led the NSman to run extra year of IPPT! Instead of 10 Years, now 11 Years of serving to IPPT! I do not mind ICT, but I mind my IPPT! WTF... Don't come and tell me next year 2 ICT in a row.. steam shit...

David, my make up artist, called me yesterday to confirm a ROM job for tomorrow at Conrad Hotel! Wow.. Great.. I hoped to get more nice photos and hoping that the couple will love it.. Not anxious since I am quite confident. I am not planning for too much of ambient.. why? Simple.. too much of ambient result poor low light and bad white balance. Play it when necessary... I became another style of capturing moment must come with proper of back light. Do not try to experiment when you are not confident... Capture moment fast and take ambient when there's a need to. DO not go overboard. That's my philosophy. Heard from David that their AD will come under me.. pray hard. I do not mind both photographing since wedding is fast cash and hobby. My main aim... remain in confidential...

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