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Thursday, February 28

Wii Fit= Fun. With family playing = even more fun! I had the hoola hood gaming hitting the highest score! Wa sey... It's fun and tiring... Now my waist is literally aching big time! Haha.. Wii Fit is getting awesome! Love it!

Weird thing happen to 2 of my cheque payment. I recently received my UOB bills and found out that my cheque was not clear at all! Thus, I actually had interest and late charges incurred! I had no idea what happened so I called up to UOB to clarify what's going on. Luckily I often checked my bank account, whereby in the statement, there's no deduction for my UOB and Standard Chartered Bank! I was like.. WTF feeling. I kept blaming for using of Cheque. The thing for usage of cheque may seen easy to pay off but hard to check your records. Especially when you had few accounts under the same bank to pay off. It was lucky that only UOB and SCB did not clear. If there's more, I be dead! I went to UOB and paid off by dropping the cheque at Quick Cheque Deposit, I had to deduct off the interest myself. Next to call SCB to clarify. Weirdo that the CSO who talk to me yesterday gave me a different amount of money to be paid off. There's excess of $20 difference which I wanted to pay off first, but my wife insisted me to pay off the original statement. Well.. I guessed that paying off to SCB is faster then waiting for the coming statement. Hoping the statement will come today so I can check through the entire amount! Freako cheque! Hate it when it comes for billing!


This morning I saw quite a number of Guardsmen, SOC and Grkha surrounding the area of Malcolm park, which is located just after entering of Steven Roads from PIE. The entire Tanglin CC till SCGS were guarded by the security. Had no idea what's going on when I saw the camera standing in front of the Tanglin NPP. Filming or what? I had no idea, seem big issue to me. Hee...

This is the reason WHY they are there!

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