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Friday, February 22

Weird... for a moment, my blog went insane. I merely push down my html coding for blogging to the bottom, now it look fine. haha.. anyway, html coding is so messy for me. I may understand a little but I am no pro to this. Heh..

I got more Wii games! So happy about it now! Haha..

Currently I had to do Singapore Flyer ambience music. It is quite a headache for me as there are some stuff I had to look into. I got to make sure it blend in well enough. Others may think it is an easy job; just select and put it in! While to us, it is not easy because we had a huge range of music CDs to choose and we got to make sure it fit in the theme for both Day time and Night time. Shall not say so much since I am still working on it. For those who is going to Singapore Flyer soon, hope that the music we had selected may sooth your feeling.

Friday! Rest day! haha

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