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Wednesday, February 20

Until today, I only came to know about the wrong word use on Japanese. I shouldn't stated out as "Jap" as the Japanese will find it offensive. I admit and I apologise for stating that as I am totally ignorant to it.

There's one guy in Gamescore forum told me this. I appreciate his kindness but I just cannot fucking tolerate that he stated in such a fuck up attitude towards to me. In the first place that I misread the thread came by with the word JP. I merely asking is it a Japan Version and I was been called a BLIND! Excuse me to this fellow, I am just anxious to ask about the game and misread it, you did not to state me as a BLIND right? I know I am a noob towards Wii, but can you be just nice to people and stop been so rude?!

I wanted to stop it until I saw another posted that I just posted yesterday. Again I stated the 3 wrong letters in the post, he freaking counted how many wrong words I used, and linked me to the site to read up. Last but not least as he fucking stated, "That's it, the Yaku** are coming to get you". To others find it plain non disturbance but to me no. I find it offended by quoting me non stop. If I really KNOW, I will not say it out! Damn YOU!

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