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Monday, February 4

To think I actually forgotten that Wednesday is CNY eve! my god... Best part, just when i intend to rent the Honda Civic car, the company no longer had cars left for CNY period. Take it as save the money for better usage? The reason of renting is to fetch my family around since it is a little bigger. And the temple we often went to have moved to Punggol which is obviously quite far from the last time that located at Selegie. And also, 3rd day of CNY we gotta transport some food over to the chalet plus taking the food at BBQ wholesale.

I intend to check out in the morning rather than 2pm because we gotta go to Paya Lebar Temple to pray which fall about 4pm plus. I be meeting Keith to pray since he felt that he should pray. The only worries that I have is how to return the car? Just earlier, my wife told me the other company still have cars left and it's Hyundai Tucson which gotta cost $800! Yes, attractive price but who is going to return the car on Tuesday? Plus it is located at turf city and not easy for me to collect/ return it. :(

The petrol itself is way too marvelous too... :( I hereby decided to take either my sister's car or cab. For the first time, she will be driving it because my bro in law recently had his finger fractured! Ouch.. I feel the pain... *yucks* I can feel the ankle injury immediately as I typed this out. Hope he have speedy recovery!!!

Look like my BBQ session not going to have a lot of people but at least some close friends. Of course, I hoping that some of my relative will be coming hee.. I love BBQ so much.. yummy time! I do not mind been oily or what... because I simply love to BBQ! Time to take MORE n MORE pics! hehe

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