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Tuesday, February 5

Oh... Lyon checked out my blog.. thanks for dropping by. HI there!

Anyway Lyon had great invention of SMS/ Call log for PDA user!!! Woo.. For those want to check out their SMSes/ Call log, please do visit Lyon blog. I hate to say this but I still not sure of how it really works. In fact, everything seem quite easy but as there are too many to blank to fill in... I am so confused till I request help on his blog. By the way, the program is call LCMinutes and the lastest version is 1.30 which enable you to check your data.

All what I'm facing with confusion is: auto update of SMSes (priority for me then call log). And for the data usage on GPRS/ 3G, I trying to figure how to get it correct. It's fine for not making correct still because I still have my GPRS monitor.. lol.. But I just wouldn't give up for not getting the things clear. Another thing will be: how it auto calculate for me once I passed my free 100min talk time (outgoing) and excess SMS from 501 smses onwards. Because it somehow generate my SMS cost! haha...It's ultimate good program if only this is meant for Singapore call.. haha.. I'm not saying its bad.. but sometime I prefer things to be simple. I can understand where the programmer coming from: Universal! (Great job) I must study well to get it clear so that I feel great. At least I can help my fellow countrymen on configuring the setting. LOL

I been looking at cars at sgcarmart...!! yeah... NOT BUYING but looking around as busybody. I do wish to own one but its the cost doesn't allow me to.

What can I do for my PS2?? I thought of trading off.. maybe a PS3 or Wii or Xbox360? (how many time will I be playing it???) Shall I buy my onkyo mini hi-fi set? Subject for approval Yes.. I need a small table to place my DVD player and SCV setup box. (I thought of getting HDTV setup box.. can I have ultimate plan??)

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