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Wednesday, February 6

Morning I went to a cafe to get my breakfast and while waiting for my coffee, the lady asked me (holding to the plastic bag) that is it mine? I nodded and immediately she took another packet of food from another plastic bag, attempted to put it in my bag! The boss (brewing the coffee at that time) stopped her while I quickly grabbed my plastic bag by it side and said that "This is mine, not the other". The boss said her for not been too blur. She told the boss that she asked me whether is this (pointing to the other as well) mine? I was kinda pissed with such reaction that in the first place, I never said that second plastic bag of food belong to me. Also, she pointed to the plastic bag of mine and not the other.

While the boss heard the reply, he told the girl that she is wrong. (He then gave such a big sigh and shook his head). Ok, while paying up she doesn't seem happy. WTF? What a day to start with.

Now in office (while counting down to 1.15pm), I tuned to Di.FM and wow!!!! This particular live set mixed by DJ Babalu (I had no idea who are you), is FUCKING AWESOME! Can you freaking send me the awesome tracklist? PLEASE???

Yeah... > Tribal House channel... ROCK on!!!!!!!!!

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