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Tuesday, February 26

Just a little of update for the cool Wii Fit!

In order to have new exercises unlock, you gotta have 80 points (3 stars).

I did some exercise for 6 times per set. The number of times enable you to set how many do you want. Like 6 push up, 9 push up etc. (I never try what is the max limit).

For one particular exercise which involved your movement and stretching, there are a total of 3 times repeating. I did for 3 set and the last set, it only want you to do 1 time instead of 3. Had no idea what it meant on the screen but it did stated that my balance for that particular exercise is improving and do get more rest.

For balancing as seen on the video in this thread, (to control your left right balancing) I discover a new balancing movement. This is to make sure you stand in correct position even when the graphic is moving (this is to make you confuse, I guess). Because the virtual wii board on screen will move anywhere till it went disappear, but you had to stand till. Not knowing what's going on, I move ard to follow the board! Until when it went disappear, the red dot (ur point) appear out, stated where is your balance point. After that, it will show your balance graph on the screen (see how unbalance you are).

After all this, I re calculate my BMI. Woo Hoo... I lost 0.02kg despite I actually ate a lot yesterday. Hahaha.

From my BMI stated at 30.93 (freaking HIGH!), it dropped to 30.86. :) Look like I must WORK even harder!

End of my review for the Wii Fit after 2 days of testing. I guess there's more to go. I will take the photo for some of the stuff I am explaining in these review about the cool Wii Fit. Heh!

(the soccer heading is fun and damn hard to control. My balancing sucks. Stated me as 50 yr old. :S )

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