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Friday, February 1

If you noticed my blog on the left... yes you saw it... I added up my personal top tunes. :) For exactly 3 days I been working hard to compile country program for a airline! This is due to: finding of lyrics, translation of English to Chinese, transcript the lyrics out if I can't find it online. While doing the music, I found that there are couple of great country music! Don't be stunned by country music! They are such beautiful songs that I generally began to accept them! In fact, I do LOVE their lyrics a lot. You should check out my Top Tunes (Country Music). Out of 31 songs, I only gotten 7 of them to be my top list.

Lovely music... Lovely lyrics... You will know why I love it so much. ;)

Cheers and hope that people who viewed my blog will give this player a chance. Great to found Pimp-My-Profile as my net flash player.

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