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Monday, February 25

Here's the review I did for Gamescore about Wii Fit:

Didn't take any pic on the screen as I believe my blog had posted quite a number of link to it. (Will try to take some pic which the video didn't show at all)

I tried it last night!
Ans: FUN!

Ok... my BMI sucks as it reach the top! (From my Mii, it became obese! I kept laughing non stop) Due to lack of exercise, it stated that I had the fitness of 42 y old! (Basket)

And due to such situation, it also asked me how long do I want to take in order to drop my BMI. Then it will generate itself stating you should cut down by ?kg per week.

The Hoola Hoop is freak fun! It work as if you are playing with it (just that there's no weight), so you gotta do in circulate motion. (Beats me.. I dunno how it know) But when you did the wrong step (Too fast, too slow), the hoop will drop = Failed!

The push up with some pattern is killing me (Its been 1 yr since I went for RT). This exercise is relatively ok. It will guide you when to go down and up just by a whistle from the trainer. The sicko thing was: usually we do it on floor (in NS), now on board which make you feel a bit comfort initially. I guess silicon is a must because the surface is hard and if I slipped, head on the board (sayang the board)

Of course, each exercise you did well. New exercise will be unlock.

There are a total of 4 different exercise you can do. I had no idea what it meant on the Japanese language. (Will take a photo down). From the icon, each level is tougher. Warm up to 5BX to game. The game is hoola hoop, icon running (You are the one who is going to run just by putting the joystick in ur pocket.)

Oh yea. Make sure battery is full! I made a mistake by putting the Wii board the other way round. No wonder my balance all something wrong.

Make sure you do it in a big space. My bedroom is way TOO small... So no big movement for such exercise.

So long for now.. . :)

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