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Saturday, February 16

Finally gotten the original software at SLS yesterday. Kaspersky!!! Yes! William told me that it will be cheaper at SLS so I try my luck by going there to look at it. I went in the shop, Software Discount Store, search high and low for it! I wanted to give up until I asked the guy if they have Kasperky since I do not see any box anywhere. Immediately he pointed right down on the transparent cabinet where the software lies. Hee.. Great! I finally saw it and he did told me the software cost $59.90 as it is OEM. With not much of hesitation, I grabbed it and told how great this software can do! He was so pleased because quite a number of people actually told the same thing too!

As I was still waiting for my wife, I went to search for thumb drive and saw it on 4th floor (Indian shop) selling quite reasonable. I got the thumb drive there when my wife reached. Paid $40.50 for a 4gb Sandisk Cruzer Micro USB Flash Drive. Nice.

Before that, I was in the game shop at level one waiting for my wife, the guy told me that they got Wii at $490 (Jap Mod set) and PS3 at $530!!! Hee I was so tempted but head off when my wife came. After we bought the things and food, we decided to get Wii for our long effort for anything. And it's been a month since we got married!!! Fast wor! End up we went to the shop, grabbed the Wii! The cost was $490 for a Japan Mod set, 2nd controller - remote + play($98), nanchaku ($30), Double charging station - using rechargeable batteries given ($50). We gotten 2 free games set from him as well. Haha.. But do not forget, there's 7% GST charge! But anyway, we are lucky to get the stuff at this deal. Since this is Japan set, it require the step down transformer from 220v to 100v. But on my transformer, which I had it previously, stated the output is 220v , 110v. So, up till now I have to idea whether can this transformer be use on my 100v wii. I had not played it since LAST NIGHT!!!!

This is my stepdown transformer.

We were consider lucky to get our fried carrot cake at hawker centre before heading back to SLS. The usual long crowd Queuing up for the carrot cake wasn't long. We quicken our pace and wait for our order. Soon, more and more people Q for it! Haha... I guessed the uncle is in good mood because he fried it so nice yesterday! hee.. And also, while waiting for cab yesterday, quite a long Q at SLS cab station, we saw one old cab stop quite in front of the cab stand. While I thought he is going to buy things or heading to loo, my wife thought someone hailed the cab right in front! Haha.. But we were wrong because I heard the guy shouting:"CHOA CHU KANG, WOODLANDs, anyone?" No one answered! No one stay there??? I replied back to uncle as to confirm it's Choa Chu Kang, right? My poor wife kept thinking, isn't Yio Chu Kang?? I strongly giving back my answer: "It's CCK! Dearie!" Hopped in the cab, told the cab driver that it's Jalan Teck Whye and he nodded. I gave a proud look back to my dearie. Haaa. While we in the cab, the poor people still waiting for an empty cab! Hee

Oh.. I am looking for a Home Theatre system, head to check out Pioneer showroom for LX 70 series ($2700) and the guy recommend satellite speakers, Energy, at $2700 (5.1). I wanted to listen so I admit that I have the cost of 5K to spend on HT. Bad things happen: the power kept tripping while we about to have the audition. Too bad.. gotta return back to office. But this LX70 does have Ethernet, whereby I can pug my laptop sound out to Amp, that enable me to listen internet radio! Wow!! I asked for another system at SLS yesterday. I did not try the sound since there's another customer testing it. The sales guy recommend me Denon 380x series ($1800) and surround sound for $1600 from the brand Mission. He said that it is good to have Denon since it can provide both music and theater feel. At least better but not the best. It seem like most of the sales person do not like Yamaha.. (weird) haha..If I am not picky, I can jolly well grab the Yamaha MHT-132 system at Harvey Norman already! It's selling whole set at $749!

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