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Thursday, February 21

Congrats to Singapore!!! I mean we got the YOG (Youth Olympic Games) range from 14-18 all over the world! Sad to say that there will be temp facilities been build! Will there be a perm facilities in future? It will be great for Singapore sportsman/ sportswoman! You can check out the news from Channel News Asia

I received my bills from all the Credit Cards coy... ok.. not all of them as it take some times to fly here. I mis calculate that I got my CNY clothes to pay off! My god! This month I had literally over spent!!! But then again, I felt so happy even though I had no money till the next pay day on March. I had no idea why am I so optimistic towards this. At least now I had too many DVDs, Wii to play! Now I had to think of getting Wii FIT! Mario Kart is so great! It wouldn't be release until May! WTF. It's alright but sad to say I had to get the JPN version instead of US since the set for mine is JPN. Ok, mine is mod when I got it. Which chip is it, I had no idea. I still got a lot to learn for this Wii. Totally different from PSP though.

Gamescore, located at Funan 5th level, had its own forum. You should joined them for discussion for any games. No piracy talk allow. I began to love Wii so much! haha.. PS 3 is nothing to beat with it! Ok PS 3 does win by it's Blu Ray and graphic. For gaming, Wii stands number one because of interaction with the game! It made you feel fitter thou! Kelvin debate with me about PS 3 vs Wii. Nah, I am not going to touch on it since both had it's own specialty.

Read up some cool thread about HD DVD and Blu-ray, finally got to understand for both diff. A sad thing that HD DVD by NEC and Toshiba given up for Blu-ray.

Look like I be moving on to Blu-ray if there's some great sound effect from the movie!

Thanks to Iva who helped me to record the entire actual day wedding from mini dv tape to DVDr in office! Really appreciate for the help. A bit pity that Jean video cam had some problem thus the music where our friends played were all clipping non stop. I am not sure of what actually happened. As for Mr Kelvin who kept saying :" What what what!!!" My god... he also forgotten to play ard for the f stop on the video cam! OMFG! Haha..

Now I had not convert the .swf to .mov, my montage to .mov where by I can upload the entire stuff to youtube! That goes for my wedding photos (my darling is doing it, Ok lazy is the word for me). Editing for video! (Worst case!)

I shall drag my laziness to get it done ASAP!!!!

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