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Tuesday, February 12

Chinese New Year; first time of giving out ang bao is ... terrific? wonderful? lol.. I guessed that it is fun though. You must learn how to give to others and lucks will fall on you (That's my philosophy).

I am quite happy to see some of my relatives and friends dropped by to the chalet on Saturday. I greatly thanks to Jason, Wayne, William (who cycled to find me at the same time), Daniel, Kelvin and my buddy: Junjie. As for my dearie: Valerie & her bf, and Shiying. Quite pity that a number of people did not turned up. That include some of my dearie's friends and my own army mates. A total of 10 people failed to turn up that day, same time I received so many smses that they can't turn up at the very last min. While the rest, never sms me back whether they are coming or not. I felt so sad about it. Jackson told me that he sensed that quite a number of people will be there and that give no much difference if he is there or not. At the same time after I told him off, he said that I never gave him what pit number was it. (my god... phone in this world doesn't exist at all... When their turn to come, they will know. I needless to say much.

I got to thanks my parents who helped to cook that day. That goes for my sis and bro in law who drove my parents off from chalet, helped to pack the items etc... thanks.

End up till 1am, everybody left. Dearie and me decided to approach the CSO for early check out. We quickly packed up the stuff and check out immediately! Carried 3 boxes of heavy items from chalet to road is damn tiring!!! Am I going to say we are lucky! Because we managed to get an empty cab! By the time we are home and lied on bed, it's 4am.

Sister, Bro in law, dad, dearie and me played mahjong on Sunday night! Wow!! Incredible.. I finally can play mahjong!!! Hee.. Ok. we borrowed the stuff from neighbor which I guessed that we gonna buy our own set of mahjong tiles and table! hee.. We had our fun and though my dad had not touch Mahjong for a long time, he is freaking FAST and horrible! He kept 'gang' non stop! hahah But end of the day, as a new beginner I won for the total of 2 rounds! haha

I really pity the artistes in HK recently due to Edison case. Such a refined people they are, yet been dragged down big time by him. I shall not discuss that since I am not in the position of making remarks.

I just watched "Ah Long" yesterday at Jurong Point with my dearie. My critic: Funny and nice. But post-production is not great. A lot of clips, up and down terrible volume, terrible sounding. I thought Jack Neo will use 24frames (I hoped that I am right), but the production is still the same like Liang Poh Poh. Bad color, bad subtitle. The cantonese speaking from the actors do made the whole show like Hongkong style (I like). But there are too many exaggerating action in the show, I personally felt that it is quite redundant. Good effort but I prefer a real funny like Korean, triad like Hongkong. I like triad show but I really hoped that Jack Neo can put in more effort in his next show. More thrilling, more exciting and mystery. I guessed that Internal Affairs still rock big time!

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