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Tuesday, February 26

Another to say! Yeah.. All of us heading to BKK next month! Hurray! Sis and me trying to look for cheaper air tickets. But it seem like the tickets are quite expensive during the Good Friday Week. Well, as usual for such situation. Holiday, you pay more! That's the usual standard of rules.

First, I wanted to head up to Platinum Mall for some shopping, praying to return in favor as we prayed for good lucks previously. Plus heading to one big temple opposite Grand Palace. I guessed that we got to get 2 x hi range walkie talkie. It's better than using hand phone because of the bill. And also, both my aunt are following us too! Had no idea why my 2nd aunt son never bring his mom to BKK. Not sure if they brought her there before but it's ok for me. We gonna have fun together. We are one big nice family. Hee. But the worried things are, my 2nd aunt is damn freaking gan cheong person so we will get influence in a way! Haa

Hoping for cheap air tickets, nice hotel to stay and good food! hee.. time to relax! Hee Yippeee!!!

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