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Monday, January 14

What a week to spend... we are literally tired and fallen sick easily due to lack of resting.... Finally the day is almost coming... Our Wedding, which fall this Saturday. There are so many small things that we got to take note of. It's no wonder why there are so many stuff that we got to do on our own; due to our fellow friends not marry yet, so there are stuff they do not know what to do... what's next and why what how? Question been asked and I felt hard to explain because either they do not believe or rather they just do not know. It's fine though. At least one of the helper for my wife side had been a Jie Mei before, hence she know what she got to do, might not be so experience but at least she been through before. :)

Having all my Brothers gather for meet up this Friday to collect cars, there are things they got to run the errands for me. They got to check if cars can be park at their places, if not we shall think of a way. One to two brothers got to follow me to settle some stuff from Bridal Shop and check if the Chrysler come on time for car decor. Then I had to meet up with Kelvin and Ho Soo Kok for dinner since they are coming to stay over night. LOL. Special thanks to Kelvin for helping me to get the animation done up.

On Thursday, we got to go up to our new house for clean up and that will include of bringing some items over from parent's house to CCK side. We gotta bring the digital piano from Marine Parade as well since Avy will be playing for us. Alvin will be setting up the sound for us and thanks for his equipment to set up audio and projector for us. :) I got to give a big ang pow ... May not be SO big, but at least it's a token of appreciation.. I got to give within my limit also!!! Had packed up to $1700 just for some people, including kids.. wa... More to come.. I got to withdraw even more money for packing more... all these will goes to those who did a lot of effort.... But also, within my own limit. LOL! I do not mind spending like this, but I hope end of month I got enough to pay off my debts.. hoping for earning profit from Banquet... haha

I still got to run all the way to Tennsensohn Road on Friday for renting of Video Cam form Cinegear. I literally in need of car from Thursday till Friday which I do not know what to do next. Either I add days of renting from Evergreen or from Premier. As I calculate that Premier is much cheaper, I might have to return the car by Friday 6pm since I am going to rent from Thursday 6pm. But some transportation got to be done on Thursday noon and it means I got to rent for 2 days?? This is so headache cause I had not count the amount of money and days I need. I still have to pay $500 to Evergreen car rental on Friday which this is meant for booking of cars.

What left got to do is coordination and I must plan it well because I want all my brothers know what they got to do without me telling them. I be busy and tend to forget this and that, so they are my best reminder! Luckily that I had Jackson to standby as Camera man since Kelvin will be setting up the projector, he had no time to film for us when he is doing the animation! Haha..

Each of the brothers had their own job to look after so I want the wedding to go well! Some of them will be standing beside the aisle whereby they will spray the party strings and poppers! Haha.. Yeah.. we got to do by our own since most of them had no idea what to next. Next time to help out other's wedding, I be glad to help out. Hahaha..

Recently my mom is so annoying due to her purple dress which do not suit her size! She had bad temper until one day when she opened the storeroom door, my tripod fallen onto her small toes and that result her in bad pain! Ok, the tripod head is so solid and it is made by Gitoz!:p My dad was the one who adjusted my tripod and that cause it slipped off! oops! (At least that keep my mom quiet for a while! Haahah.. bad son heh!) Due to her injury and she been feeling in pain for 2 weeks, we brought her to see doctor yesterday since my dearie was feeling sicky too. The doctor told us that my mom might need to go to A & E because he suspected that it's broken bone. Its either my mom want to believe because it will heal eventually but even though it heal, it might not be the same anymore due to small toe is rotated or she bear the pain forever and she will be just screaming in pain. With much of concern, everyone decided to bring her to Hospital immediately! Thanks to my bro in law and sister who brought us to Alexandar Hospital which was recommended by the Clinic. To my surprise that within an hour, first checkup, seeing doc, x ray and review by doctor again were done! Luckily the people at the clinic told us to go to AH instead. If you were to compare to SGH and NUH... omg... haha

Anyway, the doctor said that nothing was wrong as he seen the X ray. Most likely it could be slow in healing because of age. All of us felt so relieved after hearing that. Total cost of yesterday was just S$60! Heh.. Fast and clear off. :) Since everyone is so worried free, we decided to go market for good food and haha.. the Claypot Laksa, Carrot Cake was SO SO SO nice!!! MY GOD! Yummy! It's a pity that my sis and bro in law were not around for such feast. Hehe.. before the good food session, we went to Ikea and shop. Gotten stuff like Document tray, lots of candles to make the entire house so cosy! haha..Not forget the window curtain hangar.

5 days left and I got to think what I got to do next.

This morning while coming to work with Keith after our breakfast at Cafe Lobby, I saw May was standing outside and I wonder how come there are more people outside and.. they all never bring office keys? Immediately the Kodak candy shot appear on my mouth. The entire office glass door was shattered. While everyone suspect its the doing of some nasty people (since its Home club downstair, it inevitable for us to thing some people might come up and nast around), the explanation given was different temperature. Police came and investigate and unable to figure the reason why. Having checked on the CCTV, Sandy told me that it cracked in the split second and she felt so eerie. Spirit or temperature? No one knows at all. The only doubts were why only one glass door where affected? Why till today then it started to shatter? No one or even a shadow were seen from the CCTV. Weird?

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