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Thursday, January 10

Sometime I just hate to call some private stuff in office... reason is very simple.. It's way TOO QUIET!!!! Oh my god.... Anyway, I just found out that my Credit Card temporary increase limit was not done at all! The person from Citibank call Ringo still ask me to fax him the particulars... end up.. wtf... Luckily Pooja, Citi CSO, helping me through. She will contact me back once everything had been done up and approve.

Due to dad suddenly inviting his friends, the table jump from 25 initially to 28. Oh dear... And that means I got to buy more red wine which I had to head down earlier on. Of course, cash payment plus free delivery to Orchard Parade Hotel. Yesterday, dearie and me head down to Evergreen Car Rental shop to get the cars on18th and return on 19th. We gotten Lancer, Mazda 3, Altis and Odessy. All my brothers had to do 2 trips for fetching my relative. At the same time, if nothing goes wrong, I might even want my dad to call his friend to fetch my relative instead, so that I can take more photos with the sisters and brothers somewhere near orchard area. I wanted more photos to be taken... haha Darrel going to be hell tired soon! From morning till evening. Hee.

Evergreen car rental boss, Thomas, is a very nice guy which I believe he is from Mymar. His car rental price is good and reasonable, plus he is so nice to us and been very gentleman of him insist of not giving discount as he been very frank by telling us he do not earn much with a gentle smile returned. Of course, seeing him been so nice we also do not want to ask for more. Luckily one of the car will be use for 3 days and that he only allow for lower price. At least not like some Mofo who tell you directly but giving you some stupid tone which of course I do not find it nice at all.

The moment when I type... I realised... JUST NEXT WEEK! Wapiang... hahaha...

Got to do some voice recording so that Kelvin can proceed to do his flash animation for us. I gotta call Alvin if he can make it this Sat to see the set up of sound system at Orchard Parade Hotel. Finger cross for that thou! Gotta call Zan if he is able to make it or not.. why these people just can't reply? Till their turn, they will know how 'gan cheong' they will be. :p

I had my issue with PDA phone yesterday... haha... all software conflict so I got to do a hard reset and re do everything. God! I spent whole day doing that.. ha.. anyway... everything is FINE now... so happy once again! Found some good program which come in handy for my entire PDA function.. Love it SO SO SO MUCH! hahaha.. Hurray PDA! HTC TyTN II long live!

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