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Monday, January 7

Luckily I engage Premier last Friday for renting their car till yesterday. Good service! haha.. because I left my entire pouch in the car after parking it in B3 since I was told to return the car key in their letter box due to no one in office. :p

So this morning, dearie and me head out at 7am just to go to Premier at Balmoral Plaza to get my pouch. Thanks Razi who came early just to open the car for me. Great services! I be booking once again! But the petrol is way too expensive! $58 I pumped after Esso card and Esso CC discount.

I literally made full used of the car to travel over the weekend. We head to temple for praying at Bishan and Selegie. We also head down to Ancestor Hall Temple at Toa Payoh for praying to my ancestor. This is to let them know my dearie and me will be getting marry and to get their blessing.

Yesterday, we also went to Sembawang God of Wealth Temple for praying.. we really in need of some luck on lottery so that we will not face too much problem for paying up our entire bills. End up, I didn't get the video cam as the video light produce by the cam isn't as bright as I thought of. 5am is way too dark and I am too worry for the light situation and thinking hard that I might not even use it so often, hence the buying of video cam drop off. If I were to start another installment, it will be $183 additional apart from my current installment. I be calling Cinegear for quotation of renting their video cam on 18th Jan till 19th Jan evening. Hoping that the price will not be way too expensive. Lawrence is helping me to ask for quotation as well so, I am hoping for some good news. I was told that 19th Jan is hot day, whether will there be cam available is a huge question mark. I be waiting for the answer tonight.

One more task that I had done is the reception montage! Finally got it done earlier on while I was doing other office work. :p At least one more task been done.. there are fewer task to handle now... As for now, car rental to be done up... and there might be additional table for my dad's friends. oh well.. I guess it's fine though. And also, 2 people who can't turn up for my wedding will be Denjz and Leonard. Denjz for oversea seminar and Leonard having 3 wedding lunch/ dinner on that day.. as I didn't turn up for his dinner that time, I volunteer to ease his headache by taking him out since it's fair.. But I do hate the feeling that why can't people just let me know earlier on then I must CALL and find out.. oh well.. at least he apologise.. rather than SOMEONE!

My computer is dying... stupid thing giving me SO much problem and I am so sick and tired for the stupid lagging problem. Since I went to SLS yesterday, I gotten some of the price list and counted the amount of money which I might have to spend on... just one motherboard with Quardcore and graphic card alone will cost me $1600....:( I add on 2 x 1Gb ram, 500gb Hdd, casing and power supply... 2K+.. :( sigh.. I thought of 1 TB hdd, heatsink & 2x LCD .. look like... I got to wait for a while.. maybe save up more and do it one shot.. :(..

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