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Tuesday, January 1

Just a short blogging. Even though I do not like big crowds, but I'm so appreciate that most of my relative came by today. For what Veron and me thought of as well, people who got married will know how to show face by attending this and that function. This really made us know how to appreciate with other people and sharing some information. Close ties is very important hence, I know why our parents like to go to this and that relative house. I hereby thanks whoever came by and surprisingly of my 2 cousin who appeared! HAHA.... Not to forget my Sis's parent in law too..

Somehow or rather, not all might be good which I will dare to say.. "do not know how to be nice to others." For instance, due to shortage of food as all of us thought that the buffet might not be enough for the rest, dearie and me went to Sheng Shiong to buy more goodies. While we are about to reach home, dearie saw my cousin and funniest thing ever happen: they wave and go off straight in their car without even offering a short ride to our lift. Basket.

Anyway, the food is marvellous and love it a lot.

Everyone complaint about my computer and look like I should get my ass to count the amount of money I have on hand to get a new comp. I called up Dell and found out that 24" ultra sharp is no longer shown on net, thus I had no idea when the stock will come in. But the CSO thought me that they will call me up when there's stock. Having paying for 27" ultra sharp which costing me $1699, I would rather get a 23" Mac Cinema Display which will cost me 1.5K and with student price, it will be 1.3K! Isn't that a batter deal?

18 days left and tomorrow we be doing some Chinese traditional custom as early as 5am. The timing is early due to 'Tung Shu' which we called it almanc book. Taoism firmly believe in auspicious so most of the couple getting marry this year will reach such timing. An Chuan is a must to do where by we got to pray to the god, lay the mattress cover properly and put some auspicious items on bed which they known as "Zao Sheng Gui Zi", in short: Baby! Hee. After which, 17 days left for us.

I managed to get the phone number for car renting and will be calling them up for booking. Hoping that it will be a better deal for us. Tomorrow, all of us which include dearie, me and my mom had to drop by to Orchard Rd to search for her shirt, if not she be having big headache and been so worried ... paranoid and whatever negative she can thought of... Since we got a nice shirt and shoe for my dad, now it's for my mom. Fair is the word and hoping tmr will be a better day for us by getting everything done up.

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