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Tuesday, January 22

It's time to blog again and I expected that it will be a long story.

Finally that all the tiring, exhaustion wedding preparation had past! 19th Jan finally reached and I can say that everything went on very smoothly! I do not know where to start but to thank lots of people. I guessed the person I wanted to thanks first was my Sister and Bro in Law. They really helped us a lot by sending some stuff from home to hotel, went to CCK house to grab some items that we forgotten! They also encouraged us to carry on what we were supposed to do then waiting for some other relatives who were late due for Tea Ceremony.

I am totally sorry for the long wait as my relative came in really late. Supposing to be around 7.30am, they only reached at 8am! Best part that we were just about to make a move for outdoor photo shoot! So immediately we quicken our pace for Tea Ceremony! Soon after, we went to Botanic Garden for some cute shoot. My dearie was wearing KUA at that time and it will be better then wearing a gown due to wet surface.

Kelvin came in really late on my wedding day as he was supposed to reach at 12am but end up reaching around 2am plus! I was so relieved that he came because I was so worried that there weren't be any of animation and no one to use the video cam! LOL... Soon after he arrived, we quickly messed around with the video cam by understanding what buttons are for. Next, we will touch on the animation music.. etc.. Thought that we are able to rest for a while, no. Because by then it was 4am when everything had been done up. Soo Kok and Sim Kim Soon had already arrived! haha.. Soo Kok was supposed to stay over but due to shyness, he told Sim to drove him home again AFTER I drove him out from his house for supper! What an idiotic! Haha.. But luckily Sim was kind enough to drive him home and in abt 2hr time, he will then fetch Soo Kok to my house.

It was a tough and tiring day on the wedding eve because due to traditional, couples were not supposed to meet each other. So early in the morning, I drove out for breakfast so that my dearie can move freely at home. After a long wait from 7am till 11am, I can finally go home! Around 2pm, I went out to return the car to Premier before I head down to buy Mini DV Tape at Sim Lim Square. When I was about to go to Tessensohn Road, Jackson called me to confirm the meet up as both Jackson and JJ with me got to rent the car at Commonwealth. So instead of heading to Cinegear, I went up to Commonwealth to settle the car before heading down to Tessensohn Road. Everything was smooth as I got the car within half and hour for Toyota Altis, Honda Odessy & Mazda 3. JJ supposed to pass me the car after the banquet, so I got to put in additional hirer name. And since Sim Kim Soon were not able to get the car around 5pm (As I be driving the car to him at night with Soo Kok), both Sim and mine name got to jot down to the paper. It was so interesting to drive different cars around!

After getting the car, we head up to Cinegear to rent Sony Z1 Pro video cam. Within 13min of testing and talking to Den, I quicken my pace out and head towards for our dinner. While we were jam at Balestier Road, George SMSed me regarding about the information of my house, CCK house & Hotel. It was then I remembered that I got to fly to Bridal de Couture to pick up hand bouquet!!!! I called Jackson and JJ about it and then we split off at the jam. It took me 45min to reach the destination! It was then I saw the beautiful car: Chrysler. They were struggling hard to tie the luxury car! Ok, most of them were SO shocked that we booked for such a car! Woo!

And yes back to my wedding day.

It was 5.20am when we reached the bride house... (darns the brothers who went to Kopitiam for coffee for such a long time. haha... When I smsed them that no time already, immediately I saw cars after cars turning in the car park. A total of 4 cars (including Poh Huat weekend car) and a bride's car! Look terrific!! Haha...

A minus point for my brothers were that they ain't so supporting enough and threw me aside.. I wanted to do it by wearing the bra... but the brothers went off... and they didn't actually helped me with it! So sad.... all the Jie mei's were complaining about the boredom of guys.. hahaha.. but they seem so happy helping out for my dearie! (First time been a jie mei) It was so weird that suddenly a key drop down with a balloon from second floor bedroom window, so I quickly opened the gate and dashed in. haha... Luckily for Darrel who stopped me from giving the ang pow first because he been to a few gate crashing before (Photographer), he told me that I must stated my price first before giving out. LOL ok... the money is so small... gate was opened... haha I can feel the sadness from the Jie Mei's hahahaha... (Ok, end up I gave them one big ang pow at hotel, stated that it was meant to be a joke in the morning. So please split up among yourself, ok? I even used the ang pows to slap one of the jie mei hand and insisted THEM to accept it! I am happy that they kinda feel happy! hahaha.. the total money is not big but at least it's a token of appreciation.

It was such a tiring day and lots of coordination were to be done up before the banquet. I urged that all brothers and sisters must help to coordinate as well, no matter what it is, they got to stand by to guide the couple. It was messy that I literally have no time to go out of the reception to greet the friends and relative... But I managed to meet up some of the people and really thanks them for coming! There are some stupid coordination been done by the banquet and it is still under investigation currently. I shall update later on.

Oh yeah, the ROM went well and of course it is so sweet and romantic.. hahaha..

All I can tell the rest who are getting marry, make sure you had your pals to help you throughout... and pls remember that thing you got to do, let your friends help. They are there for you... and also, make sure you had ur home clothing and misc stuff brought along!! To think that I forgotten so many things!!! Luckily for my sis and bro in law! *HUG*

And yes... I will remember who had not marry yet.. because I be returning them a drink. LOL!!! Darn them who DRUNK me big time with those SHIT! It's so disgusting till that the entire alcohol look like MILO! Yucks!

Finally all had past... I CAN BUY THINGs THAT I WANT!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!

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