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Wednesday, January 30

It's how interesting to see that my bro in law 's bro in law blog..??? Anyway, they are all linked and it's quite interesting their family blog.

Since the day lobby cafe was closed before my wedding day, I felt so lost when coming to work. The motivation came from their nice fried noodle (its instant noodle with dark soya sauce) with nuggets and hot dog (yummy! ) Now, aimlessly heading to Riverwalk to work... but I gotta source for other breakfast... well... there are but kinda oily... just this morning I nodded and said yes I want the chilli (the lady asked me two times), end up when I open my packet of noodle in office... "Where's my Chilli!!!" Argh....

News been spreading that my office will be moving off from here... which we gotta MOVE again.. earliest: May and latest: Next Year. Sigh... Rental in town is extremely high.. but where can we go? I really hoped that we will not end up in places like Factory area??? (Praying hard). I do not mind shop houses again but due to CDs & Tape capacity, I guessed that the Management Team had to reconsider all over again.. time for their headache period. Hoping the place will be great though.

I'm officially out of 44Beatz which I wouldn't be playing at Pure @ MOS anymore. Of course, Clark will be happy if I ever want to spin with them ever again. Due to married life, timing on Wednesday night spinning, I do not think it will be wise for me to jeopardise the work on Thursday. I will opt for a Friday... let's see how it goes in future if I am going to spin again. Meanwhile, partnership between Kelvin and me seem to goes well. We hooked up with some company for partnership and hoping everything will goes well during the meeting. As for now, Kelvin is away for Australia trip, we gonna push everything back after he get back to Singapore.

Yes, 9th Feb will be a great fun chalet and I'm hoping to see lots of people coming by. A bit sad to hear that my wife Uni friends are unable to make it... Hope that they change of their mind and drop by too!

Currently I am looking at Macbook for my wife, so that we will not fight along with the computer always. But mean while, we are looking at cars... Ok, not for buying but for rental. Since my dad scared that his boss will scold him for using the bus and spend quite a bit on diesel, why not we spend the cost on renting car? There's a Fiat Punto costing $588 (7 Days) from Turf city and Honda Civic costing $788 (7 Days) from Toh Guan Rd. Which would you opt for? If I were to get Punto, I saved $200 but returning of cars is quite a headache, but for comfort wise, Honda Civic is the best. I always wanted to have that car and I do not mind renting it! But my parents seem quite disagree when they knew about the price for the car. Quite a letdown thou. But we get to travel anywhere we want easily, we can also get the BBQ stuff from Siglap easily too. But, are we willing to pour the money on the car? If we were to buy a car, these are what we gonna pay for. Look like I must not forget about some installment which is running at the meantime. I am hoping for 3 installment to end ASAP for 4 more mths. (Yeah!)

I decided to pay one shot to Maybank for the remaining amount as it is under installment. Luckily for Maybank, they do not incurr extra charges for early pay off. Whereas for other banks, they have extra charges... Weird... Phew! I love Maybank!

I shall put in some photos since I have time for now. These photos were taken before our marriage when we were preparing candies for our guests on New Year Day. Look at the amount of CANDY! haha... Of course, on the 2nd day of New Year, we had our An Chuan too. Click on the photos to see more on my flickr account!



A lot of them huh???

We even lay them out to ensure that each have 6 candies to a packet or box.

These are one of the boxes we used them for packing.

These are another design boxes we got it as well.

All candies ready to go! Fall in!!! LOL

When the next day arrive... (Ok, I didn't shoot that day because I am busy entertaining my relative thou.

This is our comfort Sealy bed.. which we gonna do our An Chuan on the next day of 5am! (yawn...) *The bed is good that I seldom have backache!!!!! I SWEAR*!

Guo Da Li stuff... Simple and short

An Chuan is easy to do. Wake up during auspicious time, cover the mattress cover and say some good sentences like: Bai Nian Hao He/ En En Ai Ai/ Zhao Shen Gui Zi etc.. Then we exchange ang pow to each others. My dad will give my wife ang pow as Ping Jing and my wife gotta return some back to him. Then my wife also packed some ang pow for me which is meant for good luck. So when everything is done, we cannot sit on the bed until our wedding day. Best is after, as they mentioned that you will feel uncomfortable when you are pregnant. Chose to believe for good sake thou. :)



Ang Bao money... :)

Stunning wor...

When it's about 8am, my cousin brought his nephew over to roll the bed. The boy must be young and virgin, as so called to "Zhao Sheng Gui Zi" hee.. I seen him since young.. back then we called the small baby "Baby Honey Star" Lol

More photos to upload!!! I be loading my photo montage and animation real soon.. Photos will be what Darrel had did for me. :)

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