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Tuesday, January 8

I will remember those who can't make it for my wedding and end up letting me know at the very last minute. I will never know who is genuine on their sms/ msn and I chose not to bother so much. As far I am concern, everyone will have their turn and such situation is inevitable. Only that, they will know how tiring is to invite people to their wedding banquet. I never say I am that good because I also never reply smses/ msn to my pal whether I can make it or not. Since I came from such scenario, it is not uncommon for me to get such payback.

People who can't make it were:
My ex coll- She got to go to Malaysia for helping out at Orphanage. (I never hold against her since she told me very early and it is good to help out) I am surprise she gave me an ang pow. Thanks.

One of my photographing pal (Leonard) - He got 3 wedding to go and can't decide who to go, so I gave him less headache by telling him that I will take him out because I never turn up for his wedding too. But I did told him of the reason why.

SAE pal :
Denjz - Overseas Seminar. (He could have told me on the first SMS then I reply what is so important than my wedding.) True or False? (Beats me)

Nelson - S Pop stuff... (Well... what can I say then?)

Damien - One of my good buddy who fucking forgot my big day fall on 19th and NOT 18th! He mistaken for the wrong date and book 19th Jan for his band member photo shoot. Come on, bro. My MSN nick shown 19th Jan for the past few months... Do I need to further complain anymore?

Due to 3 of them who can't make it, I gotta contact Zan (another of my good pal) whether if he still want to go or not. I am fine if he do not want to. Alvin (another good pal but talk a lot of craps) still able to make it because I really need his help by setting up sound system for me.

I do not need to say so much about friendship since Mag told me that:" Now you know who are your best friend already". I am just upset for such causes but never mind, was it lucky or not? Because suddenly my army pal confirmed me that he will be attending my wedding (yah, this prick never get back to me for his mailing address and best part, he called me using another phone number.. How the fuck I know his number is which!).. Another will be Heng Zhi Wei; he will be bringing his gf as well.. Great.. Now I can move 3-4 army mates to another table and leave the rest having only 9 of them, unless they call their partner as well.

At least, I know that army mates are still the best.. trust of words....

My PDA Phone is giving me problem on Active Sync. I kept having Resolve Items and mention to me that I had to off my items on either PDA phone or Computer... but nothing was on! I soft reset and reboot my computer and it still happen! I even re establish the entire Active Sync and yet... argh.. driving me crazy of which item is giving some irritating problem.. Sad...

Oh yeah.. the show "Break-Up" is nice!!!

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nelson said...

nelson here,
really damm sorrry i cant go,
thats a mini concert held in east point mall,
and i got to attend it.

feel so bad....wat can i said ...

JoshO said...

Nelson - It's ok. I make sure you be drunk on your day. I can understand the reason why you can't make it as you are involved with S-Pop thing. Work is important. I appreciate a lot when you smsed me but I am too busy to reply at that time. Ang bao please... I hope you see the message.. HAHAHA...

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