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Thursday, January 3

I thought that renting of cars are one of the easiest stage to do during this period of time. Never did I knew that, it is the WORST. Read.. WORST... Having our wedding on Saturday, none of the car rental company are willing to let go their cars just for a day. I merely needed just from Friday till Sat and there's no reason WHY I must book the straight 3 full days when the idea of "who is going to return the car then"!

It is quite impossible for me to book 3 cars for 3 days and who will drive them. Why must I pay for that when it really defeat the purposes. At most I can rent for a day but the idea of 3 days renting for 3 cars indeed scared me off.... I do not wish to force my brothers to drive for straight 3 days and how on earth can they return on monday when they got to work. And I do not wish to spend the money just like that. It's totally insane... Worst scenario is to call Maxi Cab as brother cars or Busplus.. But I got to have 1 car standby for any situation.

Now, it is not we do not have money to rent, or there's no car for us to rent. It's the company do not oblige on 1 day renting from Fri-Sat. Look like it's the law of car renting services that changes everything. Most of the cars company just only care for losing money for a day (which I can understand why) because they can earn more by renting over weekend. But the thing was that I told them it is for wedding.. Im renting 3 cars... they just couldn't bother.. what a thorough letdown.Anyway... still waiting for my pal, Eastking to get the information about car rental from his pal. Hoping for good news.

Mom gotten her nice clothes ytd and she is ultimate happy.. Phew..

Everything had been done.. like An Chuan and Guo Da Li which is just ytd around 5am... my god.. steam... damn tiring sia... I cant imagine that big day.... haizzzzz


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