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Saturday, January 26

Congrats to Vincent, one of my classmate I knew from sec sch life, is going to get marry real soon. Never did I knew that he suffering from one sad moment which result him to quit drinking. I also gave him some ideas on what to do for a romantic wedding day if he is not going to do he banquet. Every girls want the wedding to be sweet and romantic, so do not do in a way of unromantic way! I will be glad to help you with the liquor if your frenz insist but if I am your photographer, I'm sorry. LOL. Apart from him, I be anticipate for Jianyi's. When? Ain't sure, all I know after marriage, it made me know how to treasure friends around so I be calling all of them out for gathering soon.

Due to gathering, both my wife and me will be organising a BBQ chalet at ECP which fall on the third day of Chinese New Year. This is to thanks all my friends who helped us so much and also a great gathering for all since I am not a great host for that very day. Hoping my DJs/ Army mates will be there on the 9th Feb! We secured the chalet earlier on and will be looking forward to it. Tomorrow we are going to grab all the food as early as possible! This is due to Chinese New Year period, might have shortage of food! LOL.

Not only that, I am now using the NEW COMP! Thanks to Ricky Hair and JJ who guided me through the steps via PDA phone! Luckily I had that to help me though. I finally got the system of Core 2 Quad, Asus HDMI P5E motherboard, XFX 8800GT graphic card (look so solid) and a 2 gb ram. I am using a 500gb for C drive and will be saving up for my 1 gb ram, 1 TB of hdd. Currently I gotta save up for 2 x LCD monitor which I am still thinking shall I get the one for photo editing (Dell 24" Ultra sharp *$1109 or View Sonic 2025)*$609 or just the normal Dell 22" costing me $408. I am considering because of the job I am doing with Kelvin enable me to get a Mac Book Pro mainly for work and that will be use for photo editing. Hmm.. Or Shall I look at Mac Cinema Display? LOL

I am looking at Fujitsu, Macbook and Vaio laptop for my wife. Hmm still thinking hard though. (After marriage, everything went smoothly and easy, so I can spend without having the fear of save up for marriage. Although I got to save for reno loan)

Meanwhile, I was about to get the vacuum cleaner but the model I want from Kracher doesn't allow to steam and vacuum at the same time. Only Osim does and costing 1588. If I have a old vacuum cleaner, I can trade in with the discount of $300 off! Maybe I should at the $85 worth of normal vacuum cleaner for the change of $1288 worth of Osim iEcology. Wanted this due to steamer and vacuum facilities so that parents wouldn't be too shag. I am looking at the washing machine as well.. look like Brandt is a good brand, but parent's insisted not to change. ( I am hoping for windfall so that I can buy for them)

I went to find Stephen Seah (my army mate), gotten a Sharp Aquos LCD TV at $1199. Thanks to this pal of mine, he gave me lots of discount and I be paying by installment so everything is not as tight as like before. I gotten 1 32" LCD TV for the room, philip DVD player, monster cable for DVD & cleaner lotion to clean the LCD TV. Wednesday night will be a great night for me since they will be installing it for me. I gotta move away all my entire stuff on the table because the walking passage is way too small. Look like throwing of CDs have to come into the picture. Anyway, my last hope is Pioneer amp which will take me 6mths to save up.

By the way, I do not earn from banquet. All these are meant for own satisfy that everything is over and it's time to pamper myself. I'm sure my wife is happy too! :)

Darrel finished his photo montage not long ago and I'll be taking the photos from him real soon! Thanks bro for the hard work, I really appreciate ALOT! Cheers!!!!

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