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Thursday, December 6

Twice in a row.... I saw death. First I saw it right before my eyes that 2 little kitten was on the road playing water and one of it got crushed by the lorry. I saw the struggling poor kitten trying to get up but it was only the back part of the body trying it very best. Within 10 sec of struggling, it fallen down again with no energy to pull itself up ever again. The only last action were the leg trying to kick effortlessly and there it goes for the poor kitten that got crushed by the lorry. Pool of blood were seen on the road as it follow everywhere on the road. The other kitten were saved thou... but I do only like that black and white catty.... I do love kitten... :(

Secondly, PIE were having great jam and thought that it might be some cars knocking into each other. I was totally wrong when the bus passed by the accident scene before Steven Road. One old bike with a blue tent which needless to mention that the rider were dead. My condolence to whoever family lost.

This taught me another thing, be happy and cherish your life. Something I learn again recently: Patience, Calm, Being Happy and Cherish

Let the sadness drift away and talk about something nice.

Tuesday night we had our Xmas dinner at Royal Plaza and I had to say that the entire food is damn good. Keith and I thought that we will reach early so he decided to go to Far East Plaza to get his handphone sold and by the time we reach, most of the seats were taken up. Everyone was scattered everywhere and left the both of us which led us to Managers table. LOL It's ok though. With the both of us around, everything will turn out fine. I shall not talk so much as I have no idea where the hell I am suppose to start with. All I can say that both Keith and me had been playing Camera Phone (Video) rather than the usual me taking photographs. Haha The entire Audio department went insane playing the video and act as if we were reporter or some stupid nuts who is trying to film something down like school kids! Hahaha...

Everything just went so funny with filming and not to forget the most important thing! This year, audio dept won the first 3 top prize! hahah I got the highest ($150), Wanting ($100) followed by Keith ($70)! 3 years as all of us had been waiting for! Hahaha... So insane... Of course we were so happy about the food and prize winnings. Finally got more cash this time round. hahaha More job lobang coming also.... I am so happy. Of course I am honored to take up the job from Victor for his big day. I raised the money because of last minute decision plus I can throw in something nice for them. So end up, we are willing to give and take each other. Hehe.. partly that I am confident on Wedding assignment so .. heh heh... I must always improving.. I am not wearing a high hat.. heheh.. rest assure of that! :()

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