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Monday, December 17

Sometime it is weird that when I try to let people understand and I got kinda slammed back. Not a real slam, but kinda like slap on your face. And I am preferring to certain things and people will tend to make so much comments and end up, pulling people in. I had already mentioned its up to people liking, but end up I got said and next sentences saying he is busy. Pengz.... It's kinda weird that people tend to make tiny comment with complain when they got the comfort, but to others.. nope. Human...

I tested the red wine last Friday and it tasted damn nice! I had ordered 24 bottles of wine and hopefully it will be enough! Thanks to the boss of Star Cellar who helped us out for the wine tasting before we decided on it. Yes, paid cash for it... and I'm literally broke. I guessed the wine is bad for me as I flared up big time to my darling.. Oops. sorry baby.. I'm evil. :p But then we turn fine the next day as we went for our window shopping and finally gotten my leather shoes and belt. Total cost for me: S$190. As for my darling, she also gotten her bride shoe at Takashimaya S.C. and some of the shoes were really pretty and suitable for the big day. But due to some cost constrain, not all were allow to be in the list. It cost more then $200+ (OMFG). When we were about to go on to another section, somehow or rather the shoes kinda 'talk' to her and led her to the section "Brovia" (I reckon the spelling is right). After selecting for more then 20min, she finally gotten the pair that she want and it does look very nice! lol... apart from that, they had promotion for giving away pendant when the customer purchase 2 pair of Brovia shoes. Haha. of course, with such temptation and heart itch, my darling decided on their wedges and it is suitable for any outfit. But it can only be use for CNY.. so darling, you got to wait till Feb, ok?! hehe... The total cost she spent on was $200+ as well.. kekeke

Yesterday, I finally had my cousin in law to hook up my entire wall fans to the wall. Initially, I only want to have my computer room to have, but end up, I gotten another 2 more from Sheng Siong to mount on my room and my parent's room. My dad seem to like the idea of having such fan on the bedroom then having that small pathetic fan! Haha.. the wall fan will come in handy when it is hot weather! I thought of getting the same brand for the entire house, but due to overwhelming, the entire Toyomi products were sold out for remote wall fan. LOL.. So I had no choice but to get 2 IONA wall fan which fit in the purpose as well. After considering, I decided to walk back to Sheng Siong again to get the final piece of fan from IONA! ha! The sales girl thought that the fan which I got earlier on were spoil! LOL.. But I told her it's add on so I decided to come here to get it. LOL.

I can't imagine that I walk to Sheng Siong 3 times in a day.. and it was so tiring!!!! But after a hard day pass, the wall fan does look nice! I got to re touch up some part soon and start painting for my mom's room, follow by ceiling. Gosh... I finally had good meal at Far Mart with my family as my Bro in law drove us up there and yes.. the food are delicious.. yum yum.. and that follow by some dessert session at Bukit Timah side. Heee. I am kinda tired and not wanting to go but seem like my Bro In Law feel so energetic about the dessert, I decided to nod my head and go! Haha.. The relaxation session seem good because this time we brought the 2 old folks out to relax as they never enjoy it before. LOL...

And now, Monday... but still no freaking news for our bonus!! Hell..... Boss said that the increment is good as compared to the past.. but how good..? 7% or 10%? (Waiting patiently)... Xmas is coming... and 28th is getting nearer.. why no news........... sigh... I got to pay off the freaking CC bills next month for weekend spending. I still left my cuff link shirt and cuff link with tie. And both my darling and my new home clothes which we gonna wear the day before our big day. It seem SO exciting! And yah.. I had no done up any of the montage yet... knn... hong gang... :p I gonna plan for the montage soon so that I need not to rush at the very last min. Had not jog for nearly a week... it's a no no!!! Must slim down!

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