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Thursday, December 27

So many things to be done. Let me point out some stuff what both Veron and me had did.

But before I started, I would like to apologize to Keith that I accidentally hit the glass of Tea and wet his pant! Luckily it was the side and not the most important part! LOL... What the hell am I doing and it was so embarrass! The lady in the lobby cafe kept laughing.. what a big goodoo.

Since it was X'mas eve and half day for us, I went home and started repaint some part of the house which really in need of double coating. And hell yeah.. I finally finished it when the time reach 10pm. Woo... it look so much nicer... I intend to carry on my room after I had my things done later on since I had to go and tailor my shirt at Excelsior. Hoping everything will finish by today.. as in.. all painting and touch up. Yesterday, I spent the entire day painting the door, the gate, the pipes and the side door lining for the room. It was a tough job for me.. aching is all I can complain for.. nothing more.

Left 3 more weeks and I began to feel that it is getting nearer man.... wa... Guo Da Li, An Chuan... my god... I really feel like Teochew people.. koz all my timing is before 6am! MY GOD! Nvm.. once and for all finish it.. it's ok for me

I finally passed some of the people for my invitation card. It was so... erm.. dunno what's the feeling though... hahaha excited... Really thanks for all people who helped me so much! Really appreciate so much.

Not only that, bonus came in... increment of 8% also! Though it's only 13mth... it's better than nothing!!! More than enough for me to pay off some bills and payment that got to pay!!! :(

Got to bet and bet...hoping for some lady luck

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