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Friday, December 21

Lovely HTC TyTN II... I really love it so much... Life is so much different with the PDA phone now. I can organise a lot of stuff properly and not even forget what to do next. It's good to store everything in! LOL. Thanks John for helping me out on how to make full use of the PDA phone. The spb plus is so god damn good! I had a lot of programs in the PDA phone now and it's so cool to mess around by understanding what it does.

So far, not much problem for me since I am still new to the PDA phone and luckily I had John Teoh to help me as he is one of the Guru for such techology. LOL..

Yesterday, I met up with some of the classmate at Vivo City. I meant.. my ex secondary school classmate like: Joey Tan, Cynthia (Betin), Huiwen, Jianyi, Darren Lionel Oliveiro, Jeffrey Lee, Shaokun (Sean), Weisi, Huiyin & Ervina. Surprisingly when I was at Vivo City, Ervina came over and greet me! We were talking about who we meeting and I just said Joey while she mentioned her friends who I thought it's someone I do not know. Ha! It was a trick as all gals turned up and greet Ervina! Just then... I knew she is one of the people I gonna hang around with! haha.. Ok... It seem so weird to meet them up as it had been years since I ever met up with them, so much of the communication were not exchange within each other! haha.. Things started to turn fine as the rest of the guys turn up at Swensen! haha. (ok, I'm the first guy among all)

We had our fill at Swensen and talking rot before we set out for St James for some drink, but I had told Joey that I wouldn't be joining since I got to meet my dearie as she also meeting her Uni friend in town area. Ha.. mean time, we also pass our wedding invitation card to them! haha...

In the end, Ervina and me with Jeff Lee went off since time is not early anymore. I felt that it was so nice to meet up with the rest of the gang after decade. Darren said that it seem like yesterday we were still school mates and now for today, everyone grown up, had it's own career and another stage of life. I was surprised that Jeff Lee was married and had a 2 year old son! Congrats bro. And also, Darren who spoke mandarin though he is an Eurasian, working in Citibank for Credit Cards. And Weixiang who surprised me the most! He was one of the hardworking guy in the class and yes.. he didn't change much also!!! But he smoked for over 10 years while studying in ITE electrical, now working in Gas Industry.

I also exchanged contact number and gotten their msn contacts so we can talk rot over the net! LOL Got to thanks Joey for making this possible. Got to say sorry for not going to St James as I'm not interested in such places though I do DJ. LOL... That's what I told Ervina in train when I met her while going home (we went off separately as she went off first while me blurry almost followed the rest of the people to St James..., so I decided to go to loo before I head to NEL for taking the train to Chinatown station. I went to the wrong basement as it was meant for carpark! *bloodyhell* and I quickly went up back and saw the sign to NEL... there while I almost reach the Ezlink tapper, I saw Ervina walking slowly.. haha.. was I too fast or she too slow? hahaha..) She also said that I am weirdo that I like to DJ but not liking such area. We have small communication in the train before she get off at Outram Park as she live at Tiong Bahru.

It was a pleasant meet up and I am so happy to meet them up. I do not mind for the next meet up if there's any! Some of the gang I be meeting up will be on 19th Jan, which is my wedding day. Many thanks for people who turn up yesterday and my wedding day. Sorry to my bro, Lianghai as I didn't pass to him personally since I am not heading to St James. I bet he must be saying me for been so 'bo sim'. :(

Nevertheless... happy is the word.. Just did my efiling for ROM and everything is going on smoothly. Got to give the invitation card soon... for my coll! (Read: guys... I be passing you next week!)

What a day... cool. Relax n so happy now. Tonight, Keith and me will be hunting for his monitor speaker for both KRK and Yamaha. Heh..

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