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Sunday, December 9

Let me blog something since Friday night... hmm.... Nothing special apart from having a great dinner with my darling! We had fabulous steamboat session at Suntec which forever made us so hungry each and every time we pass there. And that day, is our indulge day so we go ahead with the cost of $25.80 each adult. Compared to Marina South and Chong Qing Steamboat, I found that thought the cost is quite high but looking at the point that they had nice and fresh food; it's mainly for steamboat not for BBQ so every thing we cooked is definitely fresh. Not to forget for Ice Kacang, fruits, Ice cream... fabulous... I be back there again but with more people! Oh yeah... they served in mini steamboat and each person will get one which is enough. Yup, they uses solid fuel to keep the environment clean.

After our sweetie dinner, we went and walk around the area and the main aim is actually looking around for shirt with cuff link. I guessed I be dropping by Polo Ralph and look first before I really decided on G2000. G2000 do have great selection and compared to Raoul, oh dear... it is much costly and not really suitable for me because it look too loud for me. Judging by the number of times I be wearing it, Raoul is out from the list. (Ok, I still miss my Hugo Boss. LOL) I am looking at maybe Dark Pink or Green or Grey or.... hmm... If not, I be tailor it. :)

Saturday was a sure non rest day for us. Painting the entire computer room and it does look cosy as before. I moved my table to allow some space for my dearie to the wardrobe. One of the mini fridge had finally been move out from this room and weird that my mom put it in her toilet (no one use for bathing anyway). Because it had moved off, I had enough to put my 2 sythn up again. Sadly to say my Roland JP8000 still haywire and I be calling Swee Lee up for such situation. If it is less 100, I willing to pay but if it is not, sorry, I going to destroy. Still waiting for new owner to take the Drum Machine.

I almost forgotten to mention that I helped Alex and 2 of his pal for some simple shoot ard Arts House. I was informed at the very last minute and I do love the challenge! Thanks bro for giving me sch chance and I be waiting for the RAW image from his pal, so that I can mess around with it. It was quite a bad weather on Friday and luckily for them that the weather decided to smile at them by not having another shower. Due to that situation, I had to use this pal DSLR which is Sony A100. Hahaha.. It is nice to use but I am not use at all. How can I forgot about the ISO and aperture/ shutter speed. LOL... Turn out I had 3 pic in my mind right now which look damn good after I shot for them. Just 3 and not more. I be anticipating for the RAW image. ;)

With the Treadmill in the current bedroom, I decided not to let it deserted so I used it 2 days without fail. Today is much worst than yesterday as I had not fully recover from the aching but I do LOVE the shag out and finally... I did some jogging. :) I must continue run almost everyday for 30min (which I trying hard to as both day I jog 22-26min for 2.1km). I can't even match 2.4km run.. My stamina is damn bad.... I hit 200bpm.. shit man. My aim is to jog almost everyday till our big day so that we will look good! Hahaha...

Oh.. I just bought a wall fan.... woo.. Byebye standing fan! No more irritating cable around the floor and I be buying 3 more fan which will be in another room, master bed room and living room. Hoping the cable can hide in the cover (I dunno the name of it) Thanks for my cousin in law who will be doing the electricity for me! Nice nice!!! Of course, there's no free lunch in this world. :)

As for today, BY RIGHT suppose to meet the client for certain purpose but end up to Mr nice guy hang over.. hahaha Which I already knew since there's no news from him yesterday. So everyone is screaming at him, hoping the meet up will be soon... Hoping for good news.... So, since no meeting, I had my own plan B by clearing my wardrobe old clothes, jogging and fixing cables for my living amplifier as I took them all out previously and not yet been attached. Woo... everything went nice after I fixed it. I was wondering why there's no sound from TV to my amp as I on my cable.... end up, after watching and thinking at the same time, the cable should actually direct from the digital set up box! hahaha Great... everything works fine and sound really Nice!

Last but not least, 20th Dec I be meeting most of my ex classmate which I be anticipating for. And my dearest, Ah Bao, classmate making me guilty big time by saying I am always the one who can't make it for the meet up. I show you I CAN! (Hoping nothing cock up hor!) I be meeting a lot of them and I must collect their MSN and email to keep in contact. Isn't it nice to have someone who been so actively gather everyone for meet up? Must award Ah Bao for doing that, without her, I guess everyone will have their own life. I must keep myself fit... at least slim down more rather then the current fatty bom bom. LOL.. anyway, who give a shit about me... hahaha importantly is not how you look but how healthy you are. :)

I am currently working towards my dream, so finger cross!

Victor engaged me as their photographer... I am so glad.... thanks.. I will do my very best though. Trust me. ;)

How nice to listen my Class 95 from my computer.. and it is raining now... smooth music... great feeling.. too bad my darling is not around at the moment as her school is having annually school concert! Best of luck though!

*Damn the fan been blowing at my left arm.. sure feel pain... when my wall fan can be mount?!!!*

Oh... Chris like my song: Oasis. He kept telling me that he can't do it, like fatter sound, feel the fullness.... and arrangement.. so he asked me for permission by sending my entire cubase file to him. Of course I do not mind so I sent him which is about 468mb.. good luck pal... hope you learn more from what I did.. Not a pro standard but at least knowing what the hell am I messing for. LOL.... Guess that I be touching on some production after my big day. I be doing ... maybe more Chill for Yukun Lush radio... or some House which I wanted to see if I can do it or not.. Or rather... some D&B which I wanna make Andy to throw out his blood... hahahhahahaa!!!!

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